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Lula Virtual Babe

That's the spot!
That's the spot!

The game is played in a self contained .exe window and is basically a virtual pet desktop game. The game features hand drawn, fully voiced animations for all sorts of actions from speech to sex.

When you start the game, you get a message which explains the plot of the game:

"Lula will try anyone and gives you just 28 days to prove your her ideal man". From here, the player must use a wide variety of items to 'please' Lula before the game finishes.

The game became a franchise and over the years several additions to the series have been made such as Lula: Wet Attack and Lula 3D.

Lula has, of course, provoked a lot of people. It's heavy sexual material was the focus of an article featured in the English newspaper, The Mirror

A PORNOGRAPHIC computer game which invites players to take part in cyberspace sex games has sparked outrage. The saucy screensaver features a voluptuous bikini-clad blonde dancing across screens. Like popular kids' toy Tamagotchi, players have to regularly feed and care for the sexy computer image to keep her alive. But virtual babe Lula also invites players to sexually satisfy her using sex aids. Women's rights groups are furious that the pounds 14.99 game, developed by a German firm, is being marketed in the UK.

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