Anyone else having issues with their high score?

#1 Posted by MrPilkington (983 posts) -

I've noticed that there are issues with Electric Symphony's tracking of your high score. I am currently holding a high score on my friends list of 134,000; though I just played a game that I tapped out on at nearly 200,000. I may be miss-guided, but I think it has something to do with you restarting, after you have finished or failed a play on the Voyage game type. If you hit restart, it seems to not record the last play you just finished. Is this just my misfortune or are there others having this issue as well?

#2 Posted by poperamone (103 posts) -

I think it says if you choose to restart during voyage your score is reset. You have to quit to register a score and gain the xp. Not too sure about skin unlocks though.

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Only 200K?


#4 Posted by SpaceRunaway (891 posts) -


That's by design, if you continue after getting a game over, your score doesn't count. Like an arcade game.

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