Never quite saw the why this game was so popular

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I own both psp releases as well as XBLA and PSN titles, just because the wife is well into it. But myself personally have never seen the big attraction. I have played them and looped back round to start of the levels but it just does nothing for me. I had fully intended to give the Vita version a miss but having seen the track list I may have to reconsider. I mean, how many times does one get to buy a video game with the Pet Shop Boys in the soundtrack?

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I think the game is so popular because of it's simplicity. I have only played this on the PSP so I am not sure as too how the gameplay is on other consoles I'm assuming that it's identical. I remember the time it was coming out someone calling it the next tetris, it is easy to play and pick to almost everyone but takes real time to master. That's why it was popular in my opinion.

Also they should of used West End Girls! :P

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what about chicken.

do you like chicken.

i've never seen the appeal of chicken but loads of people do like it.

i don't get it.

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It's the chaining a combo of blocks that makes it satisfying. It's like tetris only more linking together but clusters and not having constant fear of placing something in the wrong place, because that 'wrong' piece is used later to clear the map. Also, each level adds a unique layer mixing with the color scheme and music. If you didn't get the appeal before, you never will.

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Burn the heathen!

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It's the phat beats

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