Voyage mode song order

#1 Posted by nickux (1464 posts) -

Is there any place online that gives the songs in Voyage in the order in which they appear in that mode? I'm stuck on the skin Goryella but have no idea how far I am to finishing Voyage. I know the full soundtrack but those are usually listed in alphabetical order, not as they appear in the game.

#2 Posted by RE_Player1 (7946 posts) -

I too was looking for this yesterday with no luck.

#3 Posted by nickux (1464 posts) -

Turns out Goryella is the last song before Voyage loops. I sat down and beat the last track, after struggling for a good hour or more, as soon as I posted this haha. Next time I go through Voyage I'll be sure to keep track of the skins and write them down.

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