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Block Rocking Beats 2

Block-breaking puzzle games are as classic and simplistic of a gaming concept as they come. Name one person with a verifiable heart beat on this Earth who has not tossed a few hours in Tetris. You can not (barring the Amish and those without the means to...obviously). But, increasingly, it's getting harder and harder to justify a retail release (and matching price point) on games of the ilk. With dozen's of Tetris clones lurking throughout cyberspace and the dirt cheap iOS game marketplace peaki...

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Best Lumines Yet 0

Released way back in 2005, the original Lumines was one of the PSP’s most celebrated launch titles. It took the tried-and-true Tetris formula and not only turned it on its side, but also injected it with a shot of electronica-laced adrenaline. In this, it created something that was new and exciting, yet familiar and addicting like Alexey Pajitnov’s seminal puzzler did 21 years prior.After its resounding success, it spawned a PSP sequel, several PS2 and PC iterations, and an XBLA version. The las...

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Musical Brilliance 0

You should buy Lumines: Electronic Symphony. Really. Sure it's  just  the same core gameplay as every other entry in the series but the combination of new additions, new music and a visual upgrade has created a game that is not only one of the best Vita launch titles but also the best in this series. If you've never played a Lumines game before then don't worry, it's a deceptively simple game. Using squares of two different coloureds block you try forms squares of the same colour. While it cert...

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It's Lumines 0

Lumines was one of the greatest PSP games - combining some pretty interesting puzzle mechanics with a wonderful light show and some pretty decent music. There have been a number of sequels to the original lumines, none of which I played until now.Lumines: Electronic Symphony is..... well... lumines. 2-Coloured four-square blocks descend, you have to rotate and place them on the screen to create new squares composing of a single colour. A line will periodically erase the created squares and your ...

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