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Lunar is the setting of the games in the Lunar franchise. Both Lunar: The Silver Star Story and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue take place on this planet, though the adventures take place 1,000 years apart. Above Lunar lies the Blue Star.

History of Lunar

Once upon a time, the Blue Star was home to all life and civilization. However, a brutal war broke out on the Blue Star. Civilization was all but wiped out through the use of machines and magic, and life was fading quickly. But the Goddess Althena would not let this happen; through her power, she made the Blue Star's moon, the Silver Star, partially inhabitable. Some of the people safely made the trek to this new world. At some point, the world was given the name Lunar in reference to its status as the moon of the Blue Star. 

Points of Interest

The area inhabitable by humans and under the protection of the Goddess Althena is named Lunar. The area outside the influence of the Goddess Althena is called the Frontier. The planet as a whole is called the Silver Star. Within the land of Lunar there are many towns, dungeons, and environments.

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