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Lungoray is an old hermit living in Dusk Valley on Pandora, one day a young Na'vi boy Nok comes to him proclaiming to be the Alaksi Nari. Lungoray sends him on a quest to retrieve the last Alaksi Nari's Bow, to prove Nok is who he claims to be. Nok succeeds in his quest and Lungoray sends him on another to collect rare Glow Worms, they are then used to brew a potion which strengthens Nok's bond with the Pandoran wildlife.

When Nok's friend Molly Ossman gets hurt protecting Nok, Lungoray promises to heal her Avatar body. Being good at what he does Lungoray saves the body. and the three of them stand on a cliff talking about the future.

Years later Lungoray is contacted by Tan Jala and "Able" Ryder who are searching the harmonics. He sends Ryder to Willowglade to gather the crystals necessary for the job. but when Ryder returns Lungoray is fatally shot by RDA soldier.

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