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The gameplay of Lupin is derived from a mixture of action/adventure and a bit of stealth.  Each mission or chapter requires Lupin to either sneak around an area or building and avoid enemies.  Lupin also sometimes gives the player the chance to use items such as weapons or a disguise to dispatch or deceive  them.  In addition to playing as Lupin the game gives you the option to play as either of his partners in crime: the gun toting Jigen, or the samurai sword slashing Goemon.  The use of these three characters allows players to use different styles to overcome their obsticals.  On top of this Lupin also offers a puzzle aspect in the form of opening locks, doors and the like to proceed with the thievery. 
This was the only Lupin the 3rd game released in North America, apart from Cliff Hanger, which included footage from two Lupin the 3rd movies, but did not carry the Lupin name at all as he was renamed 'Cliff'.


  • The two voice actors, Tony Oliver and Michelle Ruff, will reprise their respective roles in the Geneon English dub of the series. They work together in various anime like Chobits (Shinbo and Chii), Tokko (Ranmaru Shindo and Ryoko Ibuki), Gungrave (Harry McDowell and Maria Asagi), and Brigadoon: Marin and Melan (Melan and Moe). This is the first video game they got into together; the second one is in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger as Bang Shishigami and Carl Clover.

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