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Instead of the usual shade of green or gunmetal grey found on most Warthogs, the Rocket Warthog features a black paint job with a yellow stripe down the center. The driver and passenger seats are primarily yellow as well. The 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret mounted on the back has unlimited ammo, but must reload every three shots.
A rocket-firing Warthog first appeared in the E3 2000 trailer for Halo: Combat Evolved, however the design of the vehicle was substantially different and the final vehicle was eventually discarded from the Xbox version of the game. Despite being reintroduced in the PC and Mac releases of Combat Evolved, the Warthog did not appear in Halo 2 or 3, but instead was succeeded by the M12G1 LAAV or 'Gauss Hog'. A rocket-firing Warthog did not appear again until Halo: Reach where the M12R LAAV Warthog was featured.

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