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This is a Four Tube Thermobaric rocket launcher filled with a clip of four 66 mm incendiary rockets, that can fire one rocket per second or all rockets at once, its caliber is the same as the M72 LAW.

The games with it

The games with this weapon often uses high explosive rocket or even missiles instead of it's usual ammo which makes it a powerful weapon and even a versatile rocket launcher.
Some games only uses its own concept but with a modernized design or a completely redone design games like Far Cry and Soldier of Fortune uses a redone design.

Soldier of Fortune

M202A2 Flash
The M202 A2 is an explosive and anti tank weapon, the rockets are filled in drums, but the ammo pickup is two rockets, the weapon is able to fire 1 rocket per second or all the rockets in the drum at once.

Far Cry

 RLX 9157
The weapon isn't called m202 Flash but RLX 9157 it can launch one rocket per second and it uses rocket clips of 4 rockets and we can use its mounted scope


James Bond games

 AT 420 sentinel in Nightfire
In a few James Bond games the launcher is called AT 420 Sentinel, in Nightfire, the weapon can launch rockets, they aren't accurate, they fly somewhat randomly, but the secondary fire launches redeemer style missiles (we can control the missile in the same fashion as the redeemer), with the power of a rocket.

The popularity of this weapon

This weapon was almost become popular with the movie Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger which made an impressive apparition in the movie

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