Games for Macintosh I & II Appreciation Thread.

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I know there weren't very many good ones. My favourite was probably Escape Velocity, I remember it being pretty good, I also remember it getting boring as hell sometimes. That and I also played the shit out of what I think was Golden Axe II.

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EV was awesome! I hacked the crap out of it with ResEdit, made my own dumb ships and stuff :-)

Harry the Handsome Executive was another brilliant game, and Avara. Generally stuff Ambrosia put out was glorious. Marathon, say no more?

Man there were good games on there. Remember the epic mess of graphical adventures, like Shadowgate, Uninvited.. The World Builder games, like Swamp Witch? Pisses me off that legacy support is out the window in OSX; There are thousands of games that are tough as shit to be able to run on modern hardware, if at all.

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@Sunjammer: Oh dude. I forgot about Shadowgate, that game...

Maelstrom the Asteroids-a-like thing by Ambrosia, was addictive as hell too. I remember playing a lot of co-op on Mars Rising and never being quite able to finish it.

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Dark Castle

Ancient Art of War


and there was a turn based military game which i can't seem to find. was really good. love to replay it.

you could make, air craft carriers, jets, troop transports, tanks, troops, bombers etc.

as game time wore on the radius destruction of the bombers would increase. take over cities to produce units, like a battleship would take 15 game days.

god cant remember the name!

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@stinky: The first Command & Conquer?

#6 Posted by stinky (1563 posts) -

@L44 said:

@stinky: The first Command & Conquer?

Strategic Conquest!!

finally found it. talked about here.

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@stinky: That video's pretty great. Get ready them interactive CDs.

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Ambrosia had a lot of really great stuff. They also had a great centipede clone with tons of crazy sounds called Apeiron that I used to play a lot. I know they made an OS X version of it, but I don't know if it'll work with Lion. Hm...

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