Urgent Problem with iMovie 09' After Importing Game Footage

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I have iMovie 09' version 8.0.6. I haven't upgraded because you have to pay for that and iMovie has everything I need for my game videos. I recently imported 3 hours of footage into iMovie. Normally, I just copy the files, but I decide to just move them this time. Problem is, the clips that imported have no sound and can't be put into my project. This has happened a few times before but I always just imported the files again. Problem is, since I decided to just move them over this time, there are no raw files to reimport. I need someone to tell me how to fix this problem. The file format is .mov, but that can't be the issue since it's the format I always use. I don't want to lose 3 hours of footage. Someone please help. 
I tried to look on various Apple forums but found nothing. I've also tried closing and reopening iMovie and restarted the computer. Neither worked.

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I'm not a frequent user of iMovie so I'm not entirely sure how it operates - but do you still have the original source files on a camera or something or did you record it directly through iMovie?

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@Zero_: It wasn't recorded on a camera, it was recorded on a PVR using the Boot Camp drive on my Mac. As I stated, the original source files were moved into iMovie, not copied, so they no longer exsist
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Moved into iMovie? That's weird... why would iMovie do that, defeats the purpose of video editing imo... unless the raw files are somehow kept in some location (either through iMovie or through the Boot Camp partition) then it looks like iMovie has effed you up I'm afraid... Might wanna ask Apple-focused forums for better answers

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