What Mac do you have?

#1 Posted by TableTrapper (7 posts) -

Wondered, what Mac folks we got here!

I got a 3 GHz Imac, with 8800 GS, 4 GB Ram, and 1 Terabyte Hard Drive.
I have had it for a couple of months now! It's my first Mac!:)

So far it's been pretty great. I really like Expose! And as far as games, World of Warcraft runs amazing, so I think that Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 will also run really well on Mac! Blizzard just knows their stuff!
Boot Camp has also been a pretty sweet experience.

What Mac do you have? How long have you had it? And what do you use your Mac for?

#2 Posted by CodeHero (139 posts) -

I've got a 2 year old Macbook Pro 2.16ghx, x1600, 2GB Ram, 100 GB HDD. I will uprgade it whenever I graduate from college hopefully I'll move up to the Mac Pro.

#3 Posted by Willy105 (4915 posts) -

I want one!

#4 Posted by Carmel_Chewy (355 posts) -

I have a Mac Book Pro.

#5 Posted by DreamR (63 posts) -

(primary machine) 20" Aluminium iMac 2.4Ghz 4GB Ram RadeonHD2600 w/256MB VRAM 320GB HDD (and a 2nd display)
(family computer) PowerMac G4 (Mirrored drive doors) Dual 1.25GHz 768MB ram Radeon 9600 80GB HDD
(now lives at my dad's work) eMac 700MHz 368MB ram GeForce2 MX 40GB HDD

Been using Macs since I could walk - my Dad bought the original Mac Plus when it came out. I use mine for music (listening and creating), gaming, video, internet, word processing, programming, Giant Bomb, etc.
(I use PCs too ;) )

#6 Posted by PaulM (145 posts) -

iv got a macbook pro with 2.2 ghz  4gb ram and geforce 8600 gt 128 mb i haven't realy run many games i don't know 128 video ram is gana be enought to run more intensive games i rilly want to put xp on hear but i sence i dont have a dedacated cd key for this computer i dont know if i can, all i want to run is teamfortrus 2 caus im addicted to it but the 360 version sucks

#7 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I have some old ass iBook G4. It still runs well and is basically just for Photoshop etc...my PC is still my main computer.

#8 Posted by jlaudio7 (378 posts) -

I have a 17" Mac Book Pro. Best computer I've ever had.

#9 Posted by scottp (296 posts) -

15" mac pro

#10 Posted by PharoahCapcom (472 posts) -
Gr33nt00tz said:
"15" mac pro
Same here.
#11 Posted by normajean777 (473 posts) -

white macbook just got it last saturday its cool but im still getting use to it

#12 Posted by Jensonb (1893 posts) -

Mac mini 1.8GHz Core2 Duo 1GB RAM/80GB HDD
Plus an eyeTV for DTT and a 750GB Maxtor external HDD

Love it :D

#13 Posted by Arestice (477 posts) -

Other than the fruity iMac G3 in my closet..
Hackintosh - 2.2 dual core, 8600GT, 2gig ram, 160gb hdd.

#14 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -
Jensonb said:
"Mac mini 1.8GHz Core2 Duo 1GB RAM/80GB HDD
Plus an eyeTV for DTT and a 750GB Maxtor external HDD

Love it :D
you got the same one as me =D

i love mine too, makes me wonder why the hell i was a windows user for so long
#15 Posted by rmac28 (2 posts) -

I've got a Powermac G5 Dual 2.0 Ghz, becoming a little more obsolete every day. 

I also use a mac mini 1.8Ghz Core Solo with a newtek miniStack 500 GB and attached to an HDTV. It makes for an amazing media center and upconverting dvd player i guess.
#16 Posted by Manks (862 posts) -

The MacBook Pro that came out before the current gen now.  I don't feel like looking up the specs, since I'm posting from my PC.  Don't get me wrong I still love Macs more.

#17 Posted by Nikita (59 posts) -

I gots an iMac G5. I need a new computer, and fast.

#18 Posted by TomTheRealist (189 posts) -

Just got my first ever mac! And I'm absolutely loving it.
2.66 Core 2 Duo
250 HD
Radeon HD 2600 Pro

Ahhhhhhhh it all runs so nicely.

mine's being used for my audio work really. Going to university to study Music Technology.

#19 Posted by BrainSpecialist (575 posts) -

I have a new Mac Pro.
2.8 ghz quad core
2GB RAM (soon to be 6GB)
320GB (Soon to add another 750GB)
Radeon 2600 XT (Soon to be an Nvidia 9800 GTX)
23" screen
Bose speakers

I bought it to do high-end media for my university film course, but I'm getting Vista Home Premium so I can play games!

The perfect irony - having the most powerful PC I've ever seen, and not being able to play any games on it! lol

#20 Posted by Manachild (582 posts) -

20" 2.66ghz Imac ATi HD 2600pro 256mb 320gb hdd etc

#21 Posted by Virago (2563 posts) -

PharoahCapcom said:
"Gr33nt00tz said:
"15" mac pro
Same here."
#22 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

Why the hell is there a MAC forum? I thought this was a gaming site.

Sorry, I don't really hate MACs, just had to say it.

#23 Posted by RBolduc625 (170 posts) -

iMac 2.4Ghz dual core Intel. I've had it since January. Was kind of skeptical about getting an Apple. But now I know I'll never go back, thanks to boot camp.

#24 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -

I have an iMac from a couple years ago

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