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Colour me charmed 2

From the moment I laid eyes on Machinarium I was fascinated by its unique sketch-like art style and its rather melancholy atmosphere. When I learned that the striking visuals accompanied a point and click adventure game I snapped it up from Steam. I've completed the rather short but thoroughly charming adventure Machinarium has to offer and I can happily say that almost every moment of the experience was worthwhile. Machinarium tells the story of a little robot that starts of a journey rather do...

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A very unique 2D point-and-click adventure game with robots. 0

 Machinarium is a point-and-click puzzle game made by indie developer Amanita Design. The game features a charming story that’s told in an unconventional style. On top of the great character interactions, the visual style is dirty and gritty, but still manages to look beautiful. The main character, Josef, is a little robot that’s been tossed in a junk yard. Getting out of the junkyard, you’ll later find out that a gang of bad robots is up to no good, and it’s up to you to spoil their plans and r...

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Didgeridoos, Dancing Robots and Dastardly Puzzles 0

I suck at puzzle games. I don't have the patience or the outside-the-box thinking ability to be any good at them. But I loved Machinarium. The game's robot protagonist and his simple tale of (admittedly light hearted) redemption and revenge absolutely captivated me for probably close to 12-14 hours. The game is not really that long (I'm bad at these, remember?), but it certainly could be, and it would hold my attention. I realize this is getting fan-boyish, so let me stop and break the game down...

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Still have a problem paying for a flash-based game 0

I was excited when Humble Indie Bundle #3 came out including Humble Indie Bundle #2 as a bonus if you paid more than the average because I hadn’t heard about Humble Indie Bundle #2 until it was over. Machinarium was one of the great-looking games included in the bundle I’d missed. I hadn’t realized until I decided to play it recently that it is from the same developer as the Samorost games, and is another flash-based point-and-click adventure game.I wouldn’t straight up buy a flash-based game as...

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A Welcomed and Unique Entry into the Genre 0

"A flash adventure game for 20?!" will certainly be the average consumers initial thoughts on this game, but the observant gamer will notice the value in every handrawn background, the well-crafted soundtrack, and the developers experience from its prior offerings.Point-and-click adventure games have seen an unlikely (but welcome) resurgence in recent years and retail newcomer Amanita Design puts forth a polished product to that is deserving to be among Capcom, Tell-tale, and Lucasarts offerings...

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It can be hard to be robot 0

Machinarium is a great point and click adventure title that suffers from its spike in puzzle difficulty and a hint system that gives too much away.  First off, the bad.  There are two grades of hints in the game.  One which is not always available but gives you a general idea of what to do next and another that will tell you the answer to all the puzzles on the page right away.  That second system is where the game loses its luster.  Like most point and click appreciators, I want to solve the pu...

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Mechanical bullies 0

Machinarium is from small Czech indie developer who have previously released Samorost 1 & 2. Both Samorost games are traditional point&click games running on Flash. The special thing about the Samorost games is their unique art style. Machinarium follows the same game-play and stylish art style.   Bridge As the name implies there is lot's on machines in the game. The main character is in fact a small robot. Not much is told about the story at first. Josef, our small robot is thr...

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Best mute hero since Gordon Freeman 0

If you have played Samorost or its sequel (aptly named Samorost 2), you have some idea of what to expect from Machiniarium. A desolate and haunting world that is somehow also full of life and wonder, interspersed with odd characters that never speak and still manage to convey a depth and range of emotion that will surprise you. The art and the music are pitch perfect. The character design is haunting and expressive. Your avatar inhabits a world that seems to be dying with a whimper, rather than ...

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