EA fails incredibly hard with Online Franchise

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As you may or may not know, one of Madden 10's big new features this year is online franchise. To deter used game sales and maybe make a bit of extra cash, EA made it so that each new copy of the game comes with a one-use code on the manual which you enter to unlock online franchise. If you bought the game used and don't have a code, you have to purchase online franchise for ten dollars.
The problem?
EA didn't print codes for anyone outside of the U.S. and Canada

EA Sports spokesman Rob Semsey confirmed that the codes were, mistakenly, not printed on the instruction manuals for regions outside of North America. "We are investigating what regions this is affecting and will provide a solution once we have more details," he says.

So if you're outside of the US and interested in online franchise, holding off on a purchase seems wise.
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Someone really wants their free copy of Wolfenstein.

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They stated that they're going to provide a solution, so yeah not really fail if they sort it.

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Reminds me of NCAA 10, I went to rent it online from GameFly, and with the intentions of using TeamBuilder. Why on Earth a code is required is beyond me, and alas, I never got to use my created team. Why couldn't they do something like in FNR4 with the front and side shot pictures? Doesn't require a code, nor Xbox Live Gold, you just need to link your account up with EA Sports.

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Huh, that's odd. Usually it's the other way around.

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Being in Oz and having the game,  this really blows - i don't know what too do.
Do i give them 800 points and reward their poor effort - aarrrrr

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Wow, that's fucking retarded.

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Offline Franchise >

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LIES..all LIES. 
Sorry I could not resist. 
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Good thing I live in the US.

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OH....so that's the problem with online franchise?  I was thinking it was a shitty/unreliable setup or something.
Don't get me wrong...that sucks for everyone outside of the U.S. and Canada, but I'd really like to know how the Online Franchise rates for those who are playing it.

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@PowerSerj said:
" Someone really wants their free copy of Wolfenstein. "
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I'm curious as to how well Madden sells outside of North America.

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@Karmum: They do it because it's an incentive to buy the game new. Like how the Flashback map Pack in Gears 2 was a code, and not on the disc.
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Huhu, so console games come with CD keys too now.

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Next to zero people give a shit about Madden outside of that region anyway.
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@c1337us said:
"Next to zero people give a shit about Madden outside of that region anyway. "

Agreed, but, that's not really the point here. The point is that something which was supposed to be included, has been accidentally removed. They say they are working to provide a solution and hopefully they will, I don't intend to buy the game but i'm sure the one person in the whole of England who does sure wants the whole product. 
My guess is you'll be able to email your receipt, or your serial code off the disc to them and they will provide you with the code. But yeah, i'd advise people to hold off purchasing in EU if they want the code, at least until EA announce their proposed solution.
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I honestly dont think many people buy Madden outside of North America - not saying you're not important, I'm saying that as a business EA may not act very quickly to fix this or at all.

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Kind of stupid, sure but I think your title is a bit misleading. While a mistake for sure, I don't think it is major fail.
Plus, who outside of the U.S. and Canada really wants to buy Madden? I don't think American football really has that sort of a following outside of here (U.S.). Maybe if you are an American living abroad but... *shrug*

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@PowerSerj said:
" Someone really wants their free copy of Wolfenstein. "
NPD sales figures are only for America I don't even think Canada is included but I could be wrong about that.....
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I think an "whoopsa-dasy!" is in order here!

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