Giant Bomb Online Franchise

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Giant Bomb Online Franchise - Madden NFL 10 - Xbox 360 


Franchise Name: Giant Bomb
Password: onthemoon
On Twitter

AFC East

Bills- TurboNinjaPanda (GT: TurboNinjaPanda)
Dolphins- Tuggah (GT:  MakinItRainfrm3)
Patriots- Karmum (GT: Last Enemy)
Jets- Butters (GT: CptStealth1)

AFC North

Ravens- Andy (GT: McSedrik)
Bengals-  Cpt_Culpepper (GT: Cpt Culpepper)
Browns- Herreno (GT: Herreno)
Steelers- Rorschach (GT: KumaJr)

AFC South

Titans- austinmiller (GT: redsoxguy87)
Texans- Gillard (GT: Gillard09)
Colts- Turtulemayor333 (GT: Turtlemayor)
Jaguars-  Clutch (GT: i Clutch BRzz i)

AFC West

Broncos- BagManForHire (GT: bagmanforhire)
Chiefs-  brownick (GT: Brownick)
Raiders- Blue (GT: Shaunold)
Chargers- Stang (GT: Da Stang)

NFC East

Cowboys- DeadMan ( GT: ???)
Giants-  TEMPORARILY VACANT, RROD Colonel_Fury (GT: SirSparkington)
Eagles- Ryu (GT: Ben Stokes)
Redskins- Snide (GT: Super Snides)

NFC North

Bears - NickL (GT: Futien)
Lions- nuzreq (GT: nuzreq)
Packers- ll_chilidogs (GT:  ll chilidogs)  
Vikings- Travis (GT: x Malvad0)

NFC South

Falcons-  doomofsteel (GT: Toddofsteel)
Panthers- BuggeX (GT: BuggeX)
Saints- JogiLow (GT: Jogi Low)
Buccaneers-pbhawks45 (GT: pbhawks45)

NFC West

Rams- coonce (GT: cooncesean)
49ers- Magnum (GT: T S Magnum)
Seahawks - bretthancock (GT: MrBrett)

The Facts:
Difficulty: All-Pro
Quarter Length: 10 minutes
Accelerated Clock: 15 seconds
Accelerated Presentation: On
Injuries: On
Trading: On - No CPU Trades
Weather: On
Fatigue: On
Important Info: 
Trades:  Trading between players is allowed and does not require commissionaire approval.  Trading between the CPU however does because there is no trade logic in place.  If you wish to trade with a CPU controlled team please post in this thread with your trade request and we will all vote on it to determine if it will be approved.
VERY IMPORTANT: currently there is no way to include draft picks in a trade.  If you want to trade draft picks simply work out the details with the user you are trading with and you will draft whoever the player you traded with wants the next year.  For example:
I'm the Seahawks and I want to trade with the Rams to obtain Stephen Jackson.  The Rams owner(coonce) and myself work out a trade as follows:
Seahawks give up:  Josh Wilson(CB) and a 1st round Draft Pick next year
Seahawks receive: Stephen Jackson
The Josh Wilson and Stephen Jackson exchange goes through immediatly.  At the end of the year I have not done as well as I want and I have the 5th overall draft pick in next years draft.  Coonce would tell me who he wants me to draft, I draft him, then I adjust the rosters so that he recieves that player.  It's not a perfect system but it works.  If you work out a trade with somebody just post it in this thread and I'll keep a list of them. 

Free Agents:  Free Agency is wide open for now.  Sign and release whoever you want.

Online Access:  To manage your team online you must register at for a user account then follow the links to the Online Franchise Manager(I tried to put the link in here but it got messed up)
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me, but only if i could be da bears =p

#3 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Bears it is, I'll try and keep the OP updated with peoples team requests.

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Sell it to me I'm from the UK but quite like playing madden games the few I've played but that means nothing to me so what exactly is it?

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Summary stolen from NeoGaf but

* Full 32 man online franchise; you can have between 2 and 32 human players, the non-human teams will be filled by the CPU
* Full stat tracking, player progression, trades, drafting, injuries, etc.
* No salary cap or player contracts as of now; this is something that may or may not be patched
* 10 years of online franchise
* No importing NCAA Dynasty classes as of now; again, something that maybe patched, but the dev team says there is a logic problem with importing and the stats get all F'd. they say the system generated classes are much more realistic

It's basically a Franchise mode where every team can be human controlled.

#6 Posted by Ryu (394 posts) -

Put me down for Eagles mate, Gamertag: Ben Stokes

#7 Posted by Magnum (375 posts) -

If your chicago guy backs out I'd be interested in taking the bears.

In the interest of playing I guess the only other team that would be acceptable for a bears fan to take is the 9ers. gamertag: T S Magnum
#8 Posted by DeadMan (153 posts) -

Im in if I get the Dallas Cowboys.

#9 Edited by Rorschach (338 posts) -

I'm up for playing as the Steelers. Gamertag is KumaJr

#10 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -

I call the Chargers.

GT is Da Stang

#11 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated to include everyone.  Coming along nicely.

#12 Posted by choffy21 (1521 posts) -

Since the Eagles are taken, I'll take the Arizona Cardinals.

GamerTag is 'choffy21'
#13 Posted by Travis (224 posts) -

I'll take the Vikings.

GT is "x Malvad0".
#14 Edited by Gillard (26 posts) -

I would take the 49ers, but since they are taken I'll have the Texans.
GT: Gillard09

#15 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated to include choffy21, Travis, and Gillard.

#16 Posted by BuggeX (100 posts) -

I'm in, sign me up for the Panthers.

GT: BuggeX
#17 Posted by Colonel_Fury (462 posts) -

I'll take the Giants. GT is SirSparkington. How soon after launch are we starting this?

#18 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

I'm picking it up at midnight and setting up the Online Franchise first thing, expect to have invites/passwords on August 14th when you wake up.

#19 Edited by NickL (2260 posts) -

oh man i forgot about this thread, but im still down to play as the bears
havent really read much into this online franchise so kinda interested in seeing how the game schedules work...

ps. i will probably get this game the weekend after it comes out...

#20 Posted by JJWeatherman (14797 posts) -

I try to refrain from buying rehashed games but you guys are making me want to get this to join in on the madness.

#21 Posted by NickL (2260 posts) -
@JJWeatherman said:
" I try to refrain from buying rehashed games but you guys are making me want to get this to join in on the madness. "
from what EA is showing this is the most revamped game in years, completely new offline franchise, online franchise for the first time ever, new tackle animations and gang tackling, instead of "quick-fixing" certain animations they created new ones that made the game play more realistic.... i could go on
#22 Posted by CitizenKane (10682 posts) -

I would like the join and represent my New Orleans Saints, but I might actually not be buying Madden this year.  Too many other games and not enough money.

#23 Posted by Colonel_Fury (462 posts) -

I'll be getting this on launch.

#24 Posted by pfunk13 (26 posts) -

is there anyone out there starting one for the ps3.  I would be in for sure. and i love seeing lots of people wanting to the DA BEARS

#25 Edited by snide (2672 posts) -

OK, sign me up for the redskins. I haven't played madden in a couple years, but this could actually be really fun if everyone stayed active. GT is "Super Snides"

#26 Posted by andy (445 posts) -

I'm in playing the Ravens.  GT is "McSedrik"

#27 Posted by Turtlemayor333 (521 posts) -

Bah, Eagles are already taken.

Colts sound good though. Sign me up for them.

GT: Turtlemayor

#28 Edited by Karmum (11515 posts) -

Hm, definitely would be interested in this. Seems like someone took my favorite team. :(

Ah, man up and pick the next best (and the team I hate the most): Patriots. By the way, put me down as a "maybe", simply because I dunno if I'm getting a review copy of Madden 10, when it comes out next month.

GT: Last Enemy

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My online status is a bit iffy as of right now but I should be online by launch. If I am then I'll take the Jets.

GT: Thordainhammer(maybe)

#30 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated, only 14 teams left!

#31 Posted by TurboNinjaPanda (78 posts) -

I'm totally in if I get the Bills.  T.O. baby!

GT:  TurboNinjaPanda

#32 Posted by Stang (4755 posts) -

I am looking forward to this! Hopefully this will cure me of my extremely excessive SFIV addiction. Love the fact that the GB staff is partaking also!

#33 Posted by austinmiller (127 posts) -

u can go ahead an put me down for the TN Titans..... GT redsoxguy87

#34 Posted by PercyChuggs (1137 posts) -

If this was PS3 I would do it.

#35 Posted by choffy21 (1521 posts) -

Time to take me (the Cardinals) off the list. I recently got my PS3 and am getting Madden on there instead this year.

#36 Posted by TheGamerGeek (2880 posts) -

I would if I could get the Titans so if that guy drops out, PM me.

#37 Posted by BagManForHire (477 posts) -

sure im down BRONCOS BABY!!!! (GT: bagmanforhire)

#38 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Updated with everyone!  Did anyone download the demo that came out today?  The game is really good compared to last years, should be a blast.

#39 Posted by zzZBibboZzz (150 posts) -


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I would be saints but seeing as im in the UK I dunno if we can find a common ground on when to play the games with the time difference ? also maybe lag ?

p.s. my gt is Jogi Low (with space)

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I'm in and I'll take the Raiders. If doom drops out then I will switch to the Falcons.
GT: i Clutch BRzz i

#42 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

@JogiLow:  I'm sure it will all work out, I'm not worried about it.  There is enough of an overlap there(my work has an office in the UK so I know the times)

Everyone else added in!

#43 Posted by BackpackKat (518 posts) -

I will take cardinals if available GT xJonBleepcreamx

#44 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

@JohnAsscream - added

The only teams left are Dolphins, Bengals, Browns, Jaguars, Chiefs, Lions, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams.  Ironically enough a few of the worst teams in the league.  Who will dive head first into these trouble franchises?

#45 Posted by Blue (89 posts) -

Well since my raiders are taken I will take the packers.

#46 Edited by bretthancock (798 posts) -
@Stang: I was pleasently surprised to see some of the staff partaking as well!   I'd like to do some more advertising for this thing as the weeks go on.  I'll be keeping a leaderboard on here and things like that.

We are all updated and down to 11 teams!
#47 Posted by Chaser324 (7107 posts) -

Hmmm...this is exactly the kind of thing that could convince me to finally get Madden. I love the NFL, but I've never been able to get into Madden. I use to love the old NFL 2K series, but those are long since dead. Unfortunately the teams remaining are all fairly...risky.

Will you be using default rosters or a fantasy draft?

Moderator Online
#48 Posted by pbhawks45 (819 posts) -

I'll take the Bucs.

Gamertag is pbhawks45

#49 Posted by Chaser324 (7107 posts) -

It's a difficult choice, but I guess you can sign me up for the Dolphins.
Gamertag is Chaser324

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