Madden X

#1 Posted by dvorak (1510 posts) -

The only answer is for it to be on the moon, and just take it to the next level.

#2 Posted by Hexpane (1435 posts) -

Madden is a pile of unrealistic bullshit.  You can create  a player, set his weight to 170 and height to 5'7"trucking and elusiveness to ZERO.  Then go into practice mode and put him at running back, and see how he does in the RB tackling drills.

He will STIFF ARM PANCAKE your best DL/LB and juke you out of your boots.  The only stat that matters in madden is agility.  They released broken buggy code and could NOT fix it because it was tied into their branching animation system.  Essentially they discarded all sense of realism in favor of animations that THEY thought looked more natural.  Weapons mean nothing, stats mean nothing, it's an arcade game now.

#3 Posted by Stefan (578 posts) -


That's what Madden NFL 10 should look like! :D
#4 Posted by destro (259 posts) -

Moonball..i can see it now.

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