No Online Franchise Code outside of North America

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I bought Madden 2010 the day it came out here in the UK and didn't receive a Franchise code due to a  "printing error" on the game manuals outside of North America. This is a real kick in the balls from EA and it feels like I've been screwed out of something I have already paid for. I may be being naive here but why do they not just put this on the disc anyway? It's part of the game to begin with and even people renting the game are paying to play this. It pisses me off how the day i bought the game I see a "madden store" which is effectively selling you the rest of what you have already paid for. You can also pay money to boost your players stats and keep a player away from retirement or injury, instead of creating game features for that sort of thing they charge us for it instead. 
Apparently however you should be able to sort this out by calling customer support or waiting for EA to address this problem, if you haven't received a code on the back of your game manual.

Just a quick rant and a heads up to other people outside the States having the same problem.

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As much as I hate to call out a fellow Eagles fan, you are incredibly late to the party.

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Elaborate on how old this news is please haha.

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