Why Not Stats?

#1 Posted by bizsumpark182 (412 posts) -

Every season I notice that when new players are added via EA updates (Brett Farve, Michael Vick) that EA doesn't add the players career stats to the player. Why do you think this is? Don't you think they could easily have someone add in the stats?

#2 Posted by bigdaddyjack21 (216 posts) -

No idea it is weird though, maybe a future update or they just dont care 

#3 Posted by bizsumpark182 (412 posts) -

I'm thinking that they just don't care. Because I've noticed this over the course of the last few years. Like last year when they had to add Farve into the game it was the same way.

#4 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2513 posts) -

Yep,i noticed it too.Maybe some weird shitz going on,or maybe SOMEONES WATCHING MEH?? 

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