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How Well Does Madden Hold Up After All These Years?

This game is solid, but some of the flaws (major and minor) hold this title back from being excellent. The graphics took a turn for the worst while the animation stepped up its game. The sound is just as good as last year, but thats not saying much. If it wasn't for the for the ugly graphics and the repetitive commentary I would easily give it a 5 but since thats not the case lets see what else this game has to offer. Madden 10 is also featuring a new run game feature called Pro Tak and trust me when I say this, "It is amazing". The new feature allows the runner to keep trying to juke and pull away from tacklers while being hit and tackled (much like 2K5). While the running games is probably the best I've seen in a long time the passing game is a little sluggish. When I throw the ball I don't feel as if my recievers are fighting for the ball. While its not bad, it still gets rather frustrating when you see your reciever drop an easy one. On the other side of the throwing game (Quarterbacks) they have introduced a new pocket control that allows you to move your quarterback in a "juke" style using the right analog stick, and it works beautifully. Now for the defense. The AI is definitely much more advanced than any other Madden (maybe not 05) I've ever played. Don't expect to just air it out every game anymore. This time around the game makes you strategize on both sides of the ball forcing you to think like you've never thunk before in a Madden game.  
  Now for the playcalling. Its definitely not as good as last year (Only the hardcore fan will be able to tell) but it still delivers on a very good variety of plays feat. the wildcat formation. The overall package of this game is so so, but the roster update and some new improvements might make it worth 60 for the NFL fan. Ohh yeah I almost forgot about presentation. Well I can describe it in two words, "Its Ok". I miss the option for putting your fave team up on the main menu but besides that everything seems to flow very smoothly.  
Overall I'd probably say buy for the average NFL fan. Despite some slowing and framerate issuse along with the occasional glitches, this game is a solid title that delivers at its core. Despite some flaws this game actually makes a decent title but for me it felt a bit rushed.

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