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Great year for football

    The next installment in the Madden series is here. Does it overcome the last years edition.

  • Improved gameplay
  • Online play
  • More content
  • Fun Season Management
  • Great Visuals
  • Some lagging online
  • Some stupid commentary moments
         Overall this is a great footbal game that blows away last years Madden 09.

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     "Not the face!" Let me first preface this review by saying that I was never a Madden guy. Even back in the SNES and Genesis days, my sports games of choice were always NBA Jam and EA’s NHL games. When consoles moved away from sprites and into polygons, I often times found myself enjoying the Gameday and 2K games more than Madden. But Madden always stayed on top, even when the series was inferior to it’s competition. After purchasing the rights to the NFL license in 2005, many pigskin fans fear...

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    This game has been so real for me.  When I first played my first season with the Dolphins it was like I was watching them on real TV. Madden 10 is so like real life its not even funny..It looks amazing in Hd.I love this game.I don't  think any madden game can beat this game. Best sport game in YEARS!!!...

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