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Hi I´m new to football (watched 2 games over the last two years. It´s not easy to watch football if you live in Germany) and to Madden in perticular. I was always intrested in picking it up and gameflow convinced me to give this years version a try. So now I played three games on the "my skill" difficulty and I´ve found out I´m horrible at pass-defense. My "My skill" as it stands is 13 for rushing 12 for passing and rush defense and !2! for pass-defense. Any help would be appreciated. I dont want to win games 66-27 (like I did my last one Cardinals over Texans) and feel like I did not earn it.
Any help would be appreciated. And please do not use "football speech". As I said I´m new to the sport. I know what to be sacked and the pocket means and that´s it pretty much^^ For example whats "shotgun"?

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Take the game, pass it to your wide reciever, and have him return it to Gamestop.
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Aight, a little bit of help, but, be warned, learning good Defense for football can take years.  It's way more complicated then offense. 
Shotgun is when the QB starts a few yards back from the center (i.e. his hands aren't on the center's balls when he's getting the snap).  It's a formation for passing, primarily (unless you want to fake out the other team to think you're passing from shotgun and run instead, but never mind that). 
The "flats" or Area 1 is the side of the field (pretty much from the hash marks-sidelines), Area 2 is around the hash, and Area 3 is between the hashes, but primarily straight back.   
When choosing your pass defense, you're gonna want to choose a defense that has good coverage of all the areas.  They will almost definitely run the ball first down, so be prepared for that. Second down it's possible they'll pass, and depending on how many yards they have left, if it's >5 yards I'd say they'd almost always pass on third. 
Basically, to make things easier on yourself, choose a good defense that looks like it has good coverage of areas 1, 2, and 3.  And until you learn how to make your reads and play LB/DB/Safety I would say pick an easy position like NG or DT or something and basically try to sack the QB, and let your AI teammates do the rest for you. 
Like I said, football is goddamned complicated.
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You take the footamahball and throw the footahmahball to the dude running towards the end of the field, he catches it, you score. Or sometimes you run the footmahball.
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@ InfamousBIG ^^ Thanks for the help.
 I should have mentioned that I use Gameflow for all my plays, because I do not feel comfortable at all choosing my own defense (or offense for that matter). 
Is that the first mistake I´ve made?
And I tried playing DT and letting the AI handle the WRs and that stuff. Didn´t work out to well. Ok I was playing aganist payton manning, but still everytime I got those colts to a third down they´d throw the ball for 15 yards and another first down^^

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