Does Ultimate Team actually work for you?

#1 Posted by quinistheman (150 posts) -

I've only been able to get it to load once and that was at almost midnight last night.  Every other time I got a message that too many people were using it.
Are you having any trouble with it?

#2 Posted by BagManForHire (382 posts) -

i get the same message too

#3 Posted by tracerace11 (289 posts) -

its working for me now.... although i cant get people to quit quitting in game before halftime.... really ticking me off. they should look into giving coins  to those already leading at that time.... 21-0 and they quit is pretty low

#4 Posted by gla55jAw (2696 posts) -
@tracerace11 said:
" its working for me now.... although i cant get people to quit quitting in game before halftime.... really ticking me off. they should look into giving coins  to those already leading at that time.... 21-0 and they quit is pretty low "
Yeah it's working for me, and I just had someone quit and I was only up 10-3. I wonder if you play the rest of the game against the computer will you still get coins?
#5 Posted by silentghost227 (79 posts) -

If someone quits the game is just over. You can't finish against the computer and you get no coins either. The feature is pointless unless they fix this.

#6 Posted by Turtlemayor333 (510 posts) -

Madden has been on the Xbox Live platform since 2005. You'd think they would have the issue of quitters figured out by now.

#7 Posted by DukesT3 (1945 posts) -

The ultimate team crap kind of makes me want to spend money to get better cards. As much as I love Colt Brennan(in college) not really the best starting QB for your squad. So I guess its doing its job on me on wanting to buy some coins and get a sweet card pack. 

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I'm enjoying the Ultimate team as it gives me a break from my online franchise.  I haven't faced quitters yet as I usually play the CPU.  If I play a user game I try to set up a time to face someone I know from my league and we just jump into a game to see if we get paired up.  If not, we keep trying.  The effort is worth it though in my mind since you're not putting up with strangers and their cheap lobby tactics.f

#9 Posted by tracerace11 (289 posts) -

ok, now that it has been a few days, what packs on MUt are you buying? I have bought a platinum, gold, and a couple silvers.... wondering if I should buy some bronzes for depth/ other coach, injury, contract, jersey, and stadium cards.... have people been buying bronze?

#10 Posted by blah37 (20 posts) -

EA has at least attempted to address the quitter situation.  Check the news in Madden Ultimate Team or see here.  It still seems kind of messed up that if you get quit on in the second half you lose contracts, but I guess it's better than before.  Today I completed a game for the first time in a few days.  Quitting has been pretty ridiculous.  I've even been quit on when the quitter was ahead and threw a pick in the first quarter! 
@tracerace11: How are you affording platinum and gold?  Are you spending actual money?  Did you get the bonus coins for pre-ordering at Gamestop?  I have been buying all bronze and occasional silvers.  I think I have bought 1 gold, which was pretty underwhelming for the coins I had to spend.  I suppose I could save up for the better packs but I find the contracts running out on a lot of my players and I just need bodies to fill out my roster.  I am mostly focusing on building up my collection rather than my team though.  I have also found that throwing up the more collectible duplicates for auction to be a nice source of secondary income. 
One thing I will say about MUt is that it has made me a better player by forcing me to play with crappy players.  The only hope I've had of completing a pass with Colt Brennan or Jordan Palmer has been to read the entire field and make sure the dude's feet are planted when he throws.  I usually pick teams with good QB's whenever I play, so this has been an enlightening experience.

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@blah37:  I saved up for a long time on those.... i was supposed to get the 20,000 extra coins from gamestop, but they didnt give them to me (ran out?? wtf, i preordered, but thats gamestop for you)  but yea, the platinum pack took awhile to get... i also have been selling cards for income, it is a definitely coin getter.... but they need to allow us to structure how much to ask for each card so that they sell better... No one will pay 500 for a punter, but maybe 50 coins.... but this is prob a way for them to "control" the coin economy, so that they get more money from people.
#12 Posted by blah37 (20 posts) -
@tracerace11: Among other reasons, Gamestop's ability to conveniently forget to give me my pre-order bonuses is why I don't go there anymore.  It happened the to the last two pre-orders I had with them and I had to go back the next day to ask for it.  20k coins would have been nice, though.  Bastards.
It would certainly be nice to have finer control over auctions.  The minimum price/bids seem kind of high.  I've ended up simply discarding cards for 10 coins or keeping backups for garbage player cards since I feel like it's not even worth the posting fee.  At one point, I think I had three of the same guy on my offensive line :-D.  It would also be nice if I could get a new QB; the last 8 or 9 packs I've bought have been QB free.  I really don't feel like wasting a contract extension on Jordan Palmer!

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