#1 Posted by tracerace11 (316 posts) -

just curious as to what everyone thinks about the fumbles in this years madden..... personally, there are tooooooooo many... i dont think i have played a game with no fumbles yet

#2 Posted by quinistheman (157 posts) -

If I remember right, last year the fumbles were so bad they had to patch it.  I've had some but nothing extraordinary.

#3 Posted by chmod (294 posts) -

I rarely fumble because I cover the ball (RB or R1).

#4 Posted by JJWeatherman (14794 posts) -
@Theavsfan said:
" I rarely fumble because I cover the ball (RB or R1). "
Yes. I was going to say that there are probably measures you can take to prevent them. the RB button sounds like a good measure to take.
#5 Posted by tracerace11 (316 posts) -

yea, I have been doing that before I even get hit now.  last year, i felt like i could hit cover ball as getting tackled, and be fine.  this year I think its part of the more realism theme, and you have to cover ball before getting hit. 

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