Giant Bomb Fantasy Football League?

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#1 Edited by TurboMan (8176 posts) -
#2 Posted by InfamousBIG (3291 posts) -
Brother!  It's been too long! 
Ahem...count me in.
#3 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

There should be more than two in this.... hmm.

#4 Posted by InfamousBIG (3291 posts) -

YEAH!  we got a whole crowd in on this shit!

#5 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

I'd be down for it!

#6 Posted by Tberg (9 posts) -

I am game

#7 Posted by MVP1101 (224 posts) -

Count me in.

#8 Posted by mess (25 posts) -
@TurboMan: I'd play
#9 Posted by BlastProcessing (947 posts) -

Gimme details first.

#10 Posted by HayFourZee (370 posts) -


#11 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

details: Live draft,'s is the easiest to mess with.

#12 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

sign me up if its at yahoo :)

#13 Posted by chmod (294 posts) -

I'm in.

#14 Posted by silentghost227 (81 posts) -

sign me up 

#15 Posted by gla55jAw (2763 posts) -

I'm in.

#16 Posted by BuggeX (100 posts) -

I'm game

#17 Posted by FongGhoul (250 posts) -

#18 Posted by chmod (294 posts) -

So what's the plan here? When does this thing get started?

#19 Posted by oddmanout22287 (63 posts) -

I'd be down too, if there's still room.

#20 Edited by TurboMan (8176 posts) -
@oddmanout22287:  @Theavsfan:  @FongGhoul:  @BuggeX:  @BuggeX:  @gla55jAw:  @silentghost227:  @Theavsfan:  @hai2u:  @BlastProcessing:  @Hay4z:  @mess:  @MVP1101:  @Tberg:  @JacDG:  @InfamousBIG:    
 password: giantbomb
I've made it 18 teams can get in... so spread the word and hurry up! Also, draft is this Tuesday.
#21 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

league ID is  455866

#22 Posted by FongGhoul (250 posts) -

Hm - that link doesn't seem to work (it says I'm not in this league), and when I try to sign up for a league called giantbomb with the password giantbomb that doesn't work either...
#23 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -
@FongGhoul: did you click my link? The league is called Mike Alstott fan club
#24 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -
@FongGhoul: u need to enter the league id which is 455866 and not the league name. so enter 455866 and then the password. 
#25 Posted by FongGhoul (250 posts) -

Doh - I'm an idiot.  Thanks guys - I signed up.  Looking forward to it! 
One question - why nerf QB's with 4 points for passing TD's rather than 6? 
#26 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

thats default, I think I can change it if I wanted to.

#27 Posted by dexterslu (304 posts) -

Just joined, should be a good time! 

#28 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

Update: Final Draft time is next wednesday night.

#29 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

needs some more players, cmon guys join up!

#30 Posted by fresh2deafbill (914 posts) -
@hai2u said:
" needs some more players, cmon guys join up! "
i want too but the page doesn't work for me. is there a way for someone to send me an invite or something?
#31 Posted by fresh2deafbill (914 posts) -

Signed up

#32 Posted by FongGhoul (250 posts) -
Hm that's weird.  My Yahool league has always used 6, which I thought used to be the default, but maybe not.  I'm fine with the default settings though.  Yahoo knows what's best.
#33 Posted by fresh2deafbill (914 posts) -

we need an even number of guys. sign up

#34 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

We need 5 more to fill it up... LIVE DRAFT WED. NIGHT!

#35 Edited by fresh2deafbill (914 posts) -

sadly I'm going to have to delete my team. My grandfather died on Friday and I'm heading to New Jersey on Wednesday morning for the burial and there is no way for me to participate in the draft, have fun though; hopefully I can join in next season.

#36 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -
@fresh2deafbill:  damn, sorry to hear that man, my condolences. There's still some room left in this league, the draft is 2 days away, need more ppl!
#37 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

Draft is tomorrow!

#38 Posted by Damien (1378 posts) -

This full up?

#39 Posted by JMartNWA (208 posts) -

I just joined up Damien... still a few spots... looking forward to it folks.

#40 Posted by Matthew (2141 posts) -

Yea boiiiii!!!! So I've never done a fantasy football before (although I have done baseball), so this should be awesome!! 
Oh, and I'm totally Robot Vampires.

#41 Posted by JMartNWA (208 posts) -
@fresh2deafbill:  Condolences on your loss... best wishes to your family.
#42 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

draft at 10pm EDT tonight! still a couple of spots left if ur interested.

#43 Posted by JMartNWA (208 posts) -

We still have an odd number of teams - at least one more needs to join and if necessary it could be set at 14 teams and we would be good to go. 

#44 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

draft is 3 hours away, we're up to 14 players now so theres 4 spots left, gogogo.

#45 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

we need one more!

#46 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

just need one more manager for draft in an hour!

#47 Posted by TurboMan (8176 posts) -

The next person that joins will get 50 cents sent to them!

#48 Posted by JMartNWA (208 posts) -

I'm going to hit up a friend of mine... see if he might want to jump in. 

#49 Posted by JMartNWA (208 posts) -

Did you see the message asking to bump to 11 PM... he posted it on the league page. 

#50 Posted by hai2u (320 posts) -

damn it just one more person needed -_-

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