Is it worth it?

#1 Posted by laser56 (52 posts) -

So I have been a fan of the madden games for a while now and I have seen some cool stuff from this one but is it worth it?

#2 Posted by yevinorion (719 posts) -

Speaking as someone who never touched a Madden game (outside of the demo for Madden 10) in his life, I picked this up and am thoroughly enjoying it. I really only play Franchise mode though, not any online stuff. Go Dolphins!

#3 Posted by laser56 (52 posts) -

Hell yeah kid!!!!!

#4 Posted by Bigrhyno (505 posts) -

I ended up trading it in a week later. It's not a bad game; I think I just need a break from Madden.

#5 Posted by loganjj11 (18 posts) -

No.  I used to like Madden.  I bought this the day it came out.  Once I get the last couple achievements I will be trading it in.  It is ridiculous.  Defenses are horrible.  I can score at will but can't stop a play no matter what I do even if I know exactly what is coming.  My average score is in the 40's if that tells you anything.  I believe this is the last Madden I will ever purchase.  F U EA and your monopoly.

#6 Posted by cancerdancer (316 posts) -
@loganjj11: Uhh, pump up the difficulty or play online? All the online games I've played have had realistic scores and presented a real challenge.

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