Madden 11 Gets Online Quitting Fix

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"EA Sports released an update yesterday that changed the way wins and losses are reported online in Madden 11. One of the big issues so far with online play had been the ability for quitting to take place in the first half of ranked games and at any point in Madden Ultimate Team games with no penalty in the way of a loss being tagged to the quitter and no win being presented to the person quit on.

Now quitters will receive a loss no matter when they depart a ranked game and those quit on will receive a win. In MUT coins will be issued on a prorated basis when an opponent quits with the quitter losing a game of contract eligibility on their cards. This should resolve what had been an epidemic of quitting in both game types.

Though EA has not stated if the ability to play friends or challenge from a lobby room for ranked games will return they are now referring to it as a “bug” so hope is there that it will get switched back on. Reducing the lag effect that is hampering gameplay primarily as it pertains to the kicking meter would be the other big online problem that needs addressing and it appears is being looked into at least. Getting the quitting issue fixed though certainly took precedence for good reason and hopefully it is a sign they’ll continue to improve the online experience." -  

Honestly, I don't think I encountered this issue as much as many others - despite playing 20+ games online so far, i've only had less then 3 people quit before halftime. I think the bigger fix for a lot of folks is the Ultimate Team Quitting fix, which is welcomed! 
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MUT definitely needed this!!! Someone quit last night on me in the 3rd quarter, and i still got 900 coins! it was very nice....

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ok.... they fixed it if they quit after halftime... but before halftime is still the same problem
nevermind... they game me the points about an hour later.... that was really weird

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I had a big problem with that, out of 9 games, 4 people quitted on me. Im currently 5-0, but I should had been 9-0 to begin with. And despite the fix, Im still pissed about that BS, the game should never shipped with such a blatant, obvious issue. 

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It is nice not to have to wait with baited breath to see if you get to keep playing. Glad they fixed it because I am really liking MUT

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