Madden 11 Will Include NFL's New OT Rules

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#51 Posted by hpv (177 posts) -
@BradNicholson said:
" @Milkman: The player's union would probably get testy over it. This year isn't the right year to potentially add extra plays to games. "
They should just be real men and institute a draw for full time games ending in a tie.  If you can't win on time you don't deserve to win.  NFL games are already too long as it is otherwise I'd say they should adopt the NCAA rules, which at least have the advantage of being fair.
#52 Posted by Rawrger (4 posts) -

Just hoping for decent pass defence

#53 Posted by nateeasy (8 posts) -

The reason why this rule wasn't in Madden 10 is because it wasn't a NFL rule when Madden 10 was released. It became a rule this offseason. Just a few months ago.

#54 Posted by ocdog45 (675 posts) -

I can't say if ima like this or not. its not like college but its something new. i don't go into overtime that much anyway.

#55 Posted by teekomeeko (619 posts) -

This just in!
Fake version of real thing tries to be as close to real thing as possible!
But seriously, I like these new rules for the NFL. I am looking forward to playing a tight game and not having a single special teams mistake ruin all my hard work. At least until I get tired of Madden three months after it releases, like always.

#56 Posted by monster9999 (393 posts) -
@damswedon:  We all are.....WE ALL ARE
#57 Posted by Piranesi (452 posts) -

I don't really understand the "we must have a winner" ethos, a game can be thrilling and action packed if it ends 0-0. To watch a soccer team reach a draw from being three goals down is one of the most tense sports events we have. Of course, we also have cricket matches that last five days (!) and often end in a draw - but any sport that stops for afternoon tea is a little eccentric. 
#58 Posted by carlthenimrod (1588 posts) -

Can I punt the ball off the Cowboy's scoreboard?

#59 Posted by groin (838 posts) -
@Piranesi: This rule is for playoff games where draws cannot happen.

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