Madden Code thing

#1 Posted by sarahsdad (1121 posts) -

So my wife came home from the store with a bottle of shampoo that has a Madden code unlock sticker thing. 
The directions say to go to 
Enter the code from the sticker ( HKJV8BSS ), and it'll generate some code to punch in to a 360, to get a Team Card, whatever that is. 
Anyways, I don't use her shampoo, nor do I play Madden, so it's sort of double useless to me. 
Congrats to whoever uses this first, I hope it nets you something cool.

#2 Posted by quinistheman (150 posts) -

Thanks.  Dunno what it does but it worked so I'll let you know.

#3 Posted by blah37 (20 posts) -
@sarahsdad: Thanks for this.  It works!  Guess it's not single use. 
The code gives you a few cards for the Madden Ultimate Team mode.  I got a Troy Polamalu card so it's not bad at all :D
#4 Posted by sarahsdad (1121 posts) -

oh that's cool, it's not just a one-time code. 
Now, if I could figure out the connection between Madden and Shampoo, it would be a nice twist ending to my week :)

#5 Posted by quinistheman (150 posts) -

I am just wondering if it's a one time use with-in the game.  I got a code but haven't used it.  Hope it works.  My Ultimate Team sure could use some good players.
Either way, thanks for sharing the code.

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