Madden NFL 2011 League - The American Armchair League of America

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I am recruiting people to join my PS3 EA Sports Football League.  The league will consist of a 12 team NCAA Dynasty in July, and then transition into a 32 team Madden Franchise. Whether NCAA will stand come August will depend on user preference and activity.  Both games be maintained as a sim style league with an active group of core users who are more passionate about football than trying to game the AI for a victory.  The forum is located at
For the NCAA league, the forum will really just supplement what EA has already revealed to be a major overhaul of the online portion of their EA Dynasty site. (Read the blog here: ) 
Madden has yet to show any upgrades, so the forum will likely stand as a major communication center for the franchise. There will be a salary cap and everything to try and maintain a functional, yet fun sim like experience.  
 If you have any questions, please let me know, or head over to the forum and carouse around there for a bit.  There are two separate sign ups, one for Madden, one for NCAA.

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Madden is less than a week away if anybody wants to sign up for a sim league, we have openings.

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if the broncos are open sign me up

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@sarge1445 said:

" if the broncos are open sign me up "

Technically a player signed up for the Broncos (as you can see below), but it's some cheap kid who hasn't gotten enough "allowance" money to buy the game.  Check out the forum and sign up.  It's a great group of guys itching to get started.  I'll leave the other person in place of the Broncos, but if you do indeed sign up on the forum and stuff I have no qualms about letting you take his place.  For anyone else looking for a PS3 sim league, this is the league list I have right now. 
Buffalo Bills - 
Miami Dolphins - 
New England Patriots - 
New York Jets - daddywarbucks870 

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens - thebxhunter (Giants are backup) 
Cincinnati Bengals - King_Hippo72 
Cleveland Browns - 
Pittsburgh Steelers - SteelPitt16

AFC South
Houston Texans - 
Indianapolis Colts - 
Jacksonville Jaguars - 
Tennessee Titans - 

AFC West
Denver Broncos - BRUTAL-RCLIPPER3
Kansas City Chiefs - 
Oakland Raiders - Bryant4114 
San Diego Chargers - k10trinh 

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys - MeanMrMustard9
New York Giants - Cougars79
Philadelphia Eagles - 
Washington Redskins - 

NFC North
Chicago Bears - the_EDJ
Detroit Lions - Posky 
Green Bay Packers - keg_stand_man
Minnesota Vikings - 

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons - 
Carolina Panthers - 
New Orleans Saints - hillgators32 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals - 
San Fransisco 49ers - SquirrelHunter 
Seattle Seahawks - blevstone 
St. Louis Rams -    
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Still looking for some players to fill gaps.  The entire AFC South is still open.  Updated roster is on the forum.

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