Reviews are broken.

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Just now, under two minutes left I do a pass to a WR who was clearly in bounds catches the ball but is called out of bounds making it 2nd and 10.  Booth review.  Says the call is overturned but I'm still in the same spot with 2nd and 10.  This isn't the first time I seen this.  This game needs a huge patch.

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I wonder if it has to do with what the ref is actually reviewing (or what the CPU thinks is being challenged).  I'm not sure how that would work in your case, but I think there are cases in which one could (though in real life never would) challenge more than one ruling and a coach has to specify exactly what they are challenging, and maybe in this case the CPU picked the wrong ruling to review.  Just a thought. 
On the other hand, I've seen all sorts of weird things along these lines, like where it says "repeat first down" but then its 2nd down, or the announcer says something that doesn't correlate to what actually happened on the field.  I assume these bugs will get patched, but I've seen more of that stuff this year than I've ever noticed before.
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Hmm.. sounds like a game rushed into stores.   
I guess you just need to wait for a patch, "similar" games (like FIFA) had gone through the same "release it now, patch while they're giving us money" model.

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Man, I had a really bad bug last night (not review-related though) - I'm the Eagles, playing the Bears vs. CPU in my franchise.
I led a late-game comeback to go up by 5 with a minute left.  I held them to the 15 YL on the kickoff, then they had three straight incomplete passes - fourth down.  On fourth, they throw downfield, incomplete.  There's a flag on the play, but its against the offense.  Great, game should be pretty much wrapped up here.  My choices are to decline the penalty, in which case it would be a turnover on downs, I get the ball on their 15, there's about 45 seconds left, and I'm up 5 (again, my win is pretty secure at that point.  Or, I could accept the penalty and they'd go back 10 yards and repeat 4th down.  Obviously I chose to decline. 
So what happens?  The other team keeps possession, and it's first down.  WTF?  Man, that's rough, but at least I can probably hold them.  Wrong.  On the second play they throw a bomb to Hester and he takes it to the end zone.  After the ensuing kickoff, I fail to bring it close enough to kick a field goal for the win.  Bears win by 2.  FUCK!  I rarely get pissed at games, but I damn near threw my controller against the wall.  I did break my strict rule to continue my franchise no matter the result of a game, and I didn't save.  So I'll play them again and I will beat them mercilessly.
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Yup, I'm not shocked at all that the AI 'cheated' you.  Then again no surprise that they did a great play to beat you. 
I don't know if you noticed, but I've seen my own AI players stop covering a WR who goes on to make a catch.  I like to do rush defense and QB chasing so I don't normally play the passing defense guys..... but since the AI likes to cheat there too, I don't know wtf I'm going to do.  Swear I'm spending more time in instant replay these days then I did the past 8 years of Madden combined.  If I could easily capture video, I would make videos of how bad it is.
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Haven't seen that, but it could also be that you're playing zone, and the guy covering is rolling off coverage as the WR leaves his zone.  Then the QB passes while the WR is in a window between zone coverage.  Another player in the next zone is responsible for picking up coverage, but there's sometimes that window you can take advantage of.  That's how you beat a zone defense. 
Re: the other bugs, I wouldn't call it cheating, just bad programming.  I would love to know though whether they have some kind of "rubberbanding" programmed into the game.  It always seems like you get interceptions, fumbles, etc. late in the game when they'd have the most dramatic impact.

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