Vote for Teams in the Madden NFL 11 Demo

#1 Posted by killerjt (137 posts) -

 This year EA Sports is letting the fans vote for the teams that will be in the Madden NFL 11 demo.
  This year the Madden team is letting you vote on which matchup do you want to see in the demo?  The choices are:

  • Saints vs. Colts
  • Jets vs. Colts
  • Vikings vs. Saints
The demo teams will be announced on April 22nd.  Go to the Madden NFL 10 site to vote.  
I picked the Jets and Colts, but the machup I wanted was Vikings vs. Colts.
#2 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2139 posts) -

there is no madden love on here...

#3 Posted by Liam_mk (290 posts) -

As a Canadian I believe it's my responsibility to say that the demo should be for NHL 11. Not that I would play either. 

#4 Posted by The_EDJ (52 posts) -

Yeah there's very little Madden love on here, but places like Operation Sports and GameFAQs are way too overcrowdered to be functional.

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