lil_cheeks's Madden NFL 11 (Xbox 360) review

Do you like realistic football?

The big question this year for football fans is, do you like realistic football?  If you say yes, then Madden 11 is for you.  Madden 11 is a lot like previous versions of Madden but the tweaks that were made were done to create a more realistic experience.   
Gone are the days of 300+ plays to choose from before a play starts, now with the gameplan option you choose the plays that work for you and the game will automatically choose this for you.  At first glance this may seem like a dumbed down version of Madden but in reality, its the way the game is really played.   
Another tweak that was done is with locomotion system.  When you run with the ball you feel much more like you are in control of the player.  I never thought Madden controlled roboticly but after playing Madden 11, there is a big difference in running with a player compared to earlier versions.  When running you actually feel like you are in full control with little to no animations ever.  When you are getting tackled there is no animations that tell you your being tackled.  It seems like you break out of tackles at any moment and this feels much more real.  When tackling an opponent, there is no clicking the tackle button when near by and having a tackling animation start.  You now need to be aligned properly to make a tackle as if you were really playing.  Tip balls are more realistic, batted down passes are done with the players hands and not with a mystical force field.   
Acceleration is also a great addition.  The players speed and acceleration is completely different.  The sprint button is gone this year (With the option to add it, but again more realistic) and the players acceleration is very noticeable.  At first this seemed strange but after playing for a few games, the addition or tweaks of this is very welcomed.  Players now run away from slower defenders and you can actually follow blockers with more precision because you are more patient when running. 
Overall, Madden 11 looks a lot like Madden 10, but the additions that were added this year make this Madden worth Owning.  If you are looking for the most realistic football game to date, pick this up.


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