sins_of_mosin's Madden NFL 11 (Xbox 360) review

Massive patch needed.

This years version is a sloppy glitch filled cheating waste of $60.  The game will constantly cheat you by gliding players to make catches or block you.  It's all very apparent when you use the replay system.  How many times have you come around the offensive line to be magially held in place before an AI player will glide over to block you?  How many times have you seen an AI WR glide to a ball that they had no chance to make?  How many time have you seen the AI QB throw the ball the same time you land a hit?  Sure looks like intentional grounding to me but its never called.  
The game is just full of things that need to be fixed including horrible blocking by your team.  Have you noticed that recievieng a punt, your guys will run back all the way to you before turning around to block?  WTF is that?  Have you seen a ball go thru the goal post during a field goal?  I sure have.
The game looks good but when you don't know if you are getting a fair game from the AI, it takes all the fun out of it.  Stick with last year as it didn't have such glaring issues.  Madden needs to take a year off badly as the dev team simply can not come up with new ideas and fix the old issues.

Posted by TwoOneFive

yo im running back kick returns for TDs like its my job, this game is fucked up. anyone wanna argue that? well then why did it already get a fucking price drop?!

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