dantekiller's Madden NFL 11 (PlayStation 3) review

Madden madness

Madden was established it self as a big part of sport football game and is king for a reason its is always evolving and change with the time weather it be platforms or new innovation in game play madden 11 is a game any one can easy understand and play in minutes its new play flow system makes it so that the action is never slowed down. this is a must for any madden fan and if your just getting into the series this is the one to get.


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    Teach a man to fish... 0

    There exists an impenetrable wall, 52 1/3 feet tall, that keeps me from figuring out sports games. I can’t quite comprehend the wall’s existence, or who built the wall (probably John Madden himself), but I know that this wall doesn’t let me function well at simulation sports games. I’ll admit that I am not much of an expert on sports that don’t involve shirtless men holding each other’s bodies, and that I can quickly list all the things I know about football right about now.  -Ben Roethlisberger...

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