Coach or Player? What are you most excited for?

#1 Posted by The_EDJ (69 posts) -

Giantbomb's sports community is lacking, I understand that. But what comes first? The discussion, or the users?

With Connected Careers, what are you most looking forward? Being a coach? Or being a player? Will you go create-a-player, legend, or current person?

Me personally, I will be running a Coach in the traditional sense. I will either use the standing coach, Lovie Smith of my Bears, or create a coach like myself. We'll see.

What appeals to those of you who try the Superstar mode? I've never been hooked except for the gimmicky trophies.

#2 Posted by WaffleConed (66 posts) -

This is the first year in a long time I've actually been really excited for the Madden Superstar Mode. I think it is a mix of the "RPG" aspects of it plus the simply fact that this is the first time in awhile they've done ANYTHING to improve the mode. The online part doesnt hurt either.

#3 Posted by toolzz360 (253 posts) -

I will be looking forward to trying all aspects of it, more excited for player/franchise mode than coaching

#4 Posted by rand0mZer00 (388 posts) -

Most likely being a coach. I just like having to make all of those decisions that will affect my team from year to year. I wasn't a big fan of Superstar mode in the other Madden games, but I will try the player career at least once to see how it is.

#5 Posted by yevinorion (747 posts) -

I'll probably mess with both. I love the single player career mode in NBA 2K, and while this isn't quite there, it's made a lot of steps ahead. At the same time I love having total control over my team and gameplan. Thinking I may mess around with some player ones to start with and once the proper season roster update is released, then I'll start my real coach career.

#6 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4638 posts) -

Haven't picked Madden up since this generation's first iteration, but I might pick this up when its price drops. I burned myself out on PS2/GC sports games and no game since that era has felt like anything better to me. While this game doesn't necessarily break the mould it does make me want to play football games again and that's something.

#7 Posted by wrathofconn (1485 posts) -

Can anyone tell me when they changed the format for playing this mode as an individual player? In both the Madden and NCAA games (last ones I played were probably the '07 and '08 versions), it used to be just a behind the back camera on your player, and that was what you controlled. Now you're calling plays (which is really, really stupid), and snapping the ball on offense regardless of the position you're playing. It just feels really clunky and I don't know why they would change it.

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