Demo impressions?

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How are you guys liking the demo so far? As a Bears fan, I'm used to inept Offensive Coordinators and crummy playbooks, so getting a look at the 4 playbooks these teams offer is great. The 49ers playbook might be lethal with it's power running formations and balanced Shotgun looks. And that Power I with a DT in at Fullback is sweet!

Really excited for the game this year. I've played as each team going 3-1 on All-Pro. So to lose to the CPU and it not feel cheap is pretty spectacular.

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i liked it...seems pretty smooth...i havent gotten a new madden since 2010, and I can't wait for this one I have it preordered. Mostly interested in online play and Ultimate Team. I would say the demo indicates that the game will be very solid and the new career mode seems pretty cool.

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The demo was alright, my favourite addition this year was the new infinity engine but still mostly the same and i'm not a fan of the connected careers idea so i think i might skip the game this year.

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The demo really dissapointed me. I havent bought madden since 08 and have been waiting for a proper physics engine. In short, the infinity engine seems inconsistent and unpolished. It looks like a bad version of the Backbreaker engine.

Considering I havent bought madden in 5 years the game seems to have the exact same problems that it always had:

The run blocking is terrible.

The pass blocking is awful - sometimes two blockers will miss the one huge dude who runs right past them. This forces the QB to scramble way too often.

Punt returns and kick returns have (you guessed it) terrible blocking.

Kickoffs, punting and field goals are still boring and unchallenging.

Screen plays are still inconsistent - with the reciever often charging horizontally out of bounds.

The general running animations look robotic and inhuman, with players turning and changing direction as if momentum and mass do not exist.

DBs still make impossible blind interceptions.

Every year I download the demo thinking, 'this is the year that I will get back into madden - like when I played the 04 and 05 versions for a zillion hours'. And every time, the demo feels rough and clumsy.

Kinda tempted to play ESPN 2k5 again...

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Alright, so i haven't played a Madden game (or a game of Madden) since 09, and i just beat the Giants 21-0 on All-Pro on the demo... that was my first game. Should i knock it up to All-Madden when the real thing pops through my letterbox?

I tell you what, skip three years (i did so as i never saw any major improvements in the meantime), and thing start to feel fantastic again! So many exciting modifications and tweaks that weren't present a few years ago... gang-tackling, even something as simple as defensive players pushing a RB away from the goal line to prevent a touchdown, then the same RB getting hit so hard on the way down that he fumbled the ball. Great stuff - it feel so much better. Demo convinced me to get it!

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Haven't played a Madden in like 6 years. The presentation really sold me on this one. Tried the demo and had a lot more fun than I remember. Picked it up and Im into it.

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The physics are laughable. I played the demo for three games this weekend, and couldn't believe that they actually released this. I mean, really? People buy this with the physics so wonky?

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