GB Madden 13 League - PS3

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Since we already got a 360 league going, I'd figure I should start up a PS3 one as well. Just post your PSN ID & the team you want to play.


randomZer0_2814 - Oakland Raiders

toolzz - New England Patriots

dani20mgs - Detroit Lions

kilobravo47 - Pittsburgh Steelers

Spursfan_21 - San Francisco 49ers

Hunkulese - Baltimore Ravens

DaddyDrums - New Orleans Saints

TurboMan - Carolina Panthers

gudda3000 - Cincinnati Bengals

Ringwraith - Green Bay Packers

YevinOrion - Miami Dolphins

TheHumanBird - Seattle Seahawks

The_Grandjury - Philadelphia Eagles

FlyingHouse - Tennessee Titans


- Weeks will advance every 3 days at 9PM PST.

- Other than that, just play the games and have fun!

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toolzz.......guess ill go with my new england pats

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I'm in, dani20mgs - Detroit Lions.

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I should mention that this is my first Madden league, and I have no prior experience in actually making these things run. If anyone else that has joined or is going to join knows more or less how to get these online franchises going can take this whole thing over. If not, then I will just do my best to get this rolling as smoothly as possible.

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Sounds like a blast. Let's do it!

kilobravo47 - Steelers

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I'm interested

Spursfan_21 - 49ers

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Hunkulese - Ravens

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I want to join up. Daddydrums-Saints

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TurboMan - Carolina Panthers.

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gudda3000 Cincinnati Bengals

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PSN = Ringwraith

Team = Green Bay Packers

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This turnout is going a lot better than I had anticipated!

I am looking to start the league sometime next week, probably after the first regular season rosters is updated. I am open to suggestions as to how many minutes the quarters should be in the game (I would personally like it to be 7 or 8) and most likely will be on All-Madden mode.

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I keep getting my a$$ handed to me in this game! But the connected careers is sweet.

OLBs much better at helping cover WR curls. I keep throwing picks.

Looking forward to "coach" vs "player" matchups, those should be interesting.


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@rand0mZer00 said:

This turnout is going a lot better than I had anticipated!

I am looking to start the league sometime next week, probably after the first regular season rosters is updated. I am open to suggestions as to how many minutes the quarters should be in the game (I would personally like it to be 7 or 8) and most likely will be on All-Madden mode.

I would stick to 7 minute qtrs. Anything longer than that and I feel the games are a bit too long online. Every league I have been in in the past has used All-Pro as the difficulty setting. Those are just my suggestions.

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So are there any rules as to whether it's just coaches or players? Or are you allowing both? In any case, I'm interested in trying the online league out provided it's on All-Pro. All-Madden is just too difficult for me.

psn: YevinOrion

team: Dolphins

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i am getting my copy in the mail tomorrow, but wont be able to play until tuesday. I work graveyard shift at work 4 days and then I have 4 days off. Best time to play on work days is 12-3 pm est....any time on my days off feel free to add me on psn anyone it is toolzz....put giantbomb in the message

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Okay, I live in Europe, connection and scheduling wise would it be too difficult for me to join? If not, I'd like the Seahawks. PSN ID: TheHumanBird

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I should have set the rules a long time ago, sorry guys.

Ok, this will be a coaches only franchise (unless we can have both, in that case then we will). Since this will be just for fun and not something to be considered serious, there are no rules in terms of free agents and things like that. We will just play the games and have fun with it.

I will start the league this Friday so to those who are waiting to join (why would you?) this Friday will be the cut off date.

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The_GrandJury- I am deep in practice mode, but I would love to have some of you all on my list. I use the Eagles.

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@rand0mZer00: Is this still happening?

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Sorry everyone for the delay, my work schedule got hectic and I never got the chance to sit down and create the league but I will do so now.

We have to do a couple of things to get the ball rolling:

1.) Everyone should add each other's PSN ID to make it easier to see who is online, message each other in game should we ever need too.

2.) PM each other here or reply in this thread to set up a game should any of us have one against each other. I made the mistake of thinking that once we start a league, no one else can join which isn't the case. So forget that deadline cut off and to anyone who wants to join, please do so.

3.) Does everyone want to do pre-season or should we just sim it and get to the regular season?

4.) We will be going with 7 minutes on All Pro. I don't know too much about sliders so I'm not going to go test those waters, just seems way too difficult and not worth the effort.

I will post the name of the league and the password tn the morning,

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Sounds good. You guys can add me: YevinOrion

Please mention it's from Giant Bomb so I don't delete it without looking.

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@yevinorion: Will do!

Ok, I finally created the league. Here is the info:

League Name: GB NFL 13

Password: papa davis

I will be adding everyone and send invites in the next couple of hours, or just search for it if you like.

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Awesome, I'll have to sign up when I get home from work tonight. Looking forward to being terrible with Miami and getting a super high draft pick! Maybe I can actually give my team some good receivers then!

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Password doesn't work as there are no spaces allowed. Tried it without spaces and no go. :-(

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@yevinorion: I sent you an invite Yevin. I don't know why the password wouldn't work, it let me use a space when I made it. I decided to make a simpler password with no spaces:


That is the new password.

I sent dani20mgs, Hunkulese, kilobravo47, spursfan_21, toolzz, & Yevin all invites so make sure you guys accept them. As for everyone else that has signed up so far, make sure you accept my friend request so it's easier to invite you to the league.

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Cool thanks. Yeah, I got your friend request and accepted. Looking forward to getting started!

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Me too!

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Am I still on time for this?

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@brainwins: Sure. Just pick a team (that is still left) and post your PSN and you are good to go.

I saw we have at least 6 people in the league so I'm gonna start it. The way we will advance the weeks are every 2 or 3 days, so if you have a user vs user game, make sure you contact them and schedule your game.

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@rand0mZer00: Awesome! FlyingHouse - Titans!

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I will be advancing week one tomorrow night, so if you haven't gotten your game in try and do so.

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@rand0mZer00 said:

I will be advancing week one tomorrow night, so if you haven't gotten your game in try and do so.

Sounds good. Already took my spanking from Houston in week 1. At least Tannehill played better than real life, still had 3 INT, but also had 2 TD. Lost by one point...

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Bad news guys, my PS3's HDD just went out on me. I already got my service request number and I should be sending it within the next week. They told me it won't take any longer than 2 or so weeks for me to get it back so for the time being I won't be able to play my games (obviously) but I will still be advancing the weeks and doing what I can using the CC website so don't worry about that.

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Ouch! Sorry to hear that bro...hope you get it sorted out and all is well with it!

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@yevinorion: Thanks Yevin.

Just a notice: I will be advancing the week tomorrow morning.

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Week 2 has been advanced.

This week's advancement will be on Thursday night.

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