How not to suck?

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So I haven't played Madden 13 much this year and I finally started a franchise (I played a QB career before). The problem is, the game is FREAKING HARD! I played a few seasons of Madden 12 without any problem last year. However I just finished game 2 of my season as the Ravens (on the default difficulty) and I threw 9 interceptions in one game. I can't score. I can't run. But the biggest problem is every other pass I throw is intercepted. There's absolutely no way to get the ball to a receiver.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

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Madden 13 is a lot harsher on making the player read the field for open receivers and if they're not open, there's a HUGE chance they'll get picked off. Something I didn't even notice is the button that indicates the receiver will be ghosted if the receiver isn't even close to open, and it'll be in full color when the receiver is reasonably open.

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Try going down a difficulty. If you've played 12, you should know the basics of passing (don't throw into traffic, go for your primary, use short passes).

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Let the game drop your QB back after the snap. They'll automatically drop back the needed 3, 5, 7 step drops. Or on the bootlegs they'll roll out. This sets the pocket better, and the pass rush will slow down a step. This will line up with your routes better too. If you're moving around, your QB will be a ton more inaccurate and throw picks easier. A forgotten move is using the right stick to evade a sack. You can often avoid the first defender getting pressure. This will allow you to scramble, or throw the ball immediately.

It's difficult, but you can also lob passes in some instances to throw a receiver open. Tapping or not holding the passing icon as long will help out. Man-to-man is over-powered/broken in the game, so be careful where/when you throw. Look to move in the pocket to buy time, or scramble for a short gain instead of forcing the pass. Build a player's confidence too. It's one of the things the game seems to do right. Open the game with shorter routes. Build to mixing in intermediate routes. Call a run game to open play-action. And take chances downfield if there are no safeties deep, or only one in the middle of the field mid to late in the game.

If you're playing on your own, then set the sliders to adapt the gameplay to your style/skill level.

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