PS3 or 360 version?

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Hey guys. I buy Madden every year, and I've been getting the 360 version the past few years just cuz that's normally where I do most of my game playing. However, this year I'm considering the PS3 version for a couple reasons. One, the only friend I have that plays Madden only has a PS3, so it would let me play online with him (although, we'd prolly only play 5-10 times the whole year since neither of us are super competitive). Two, I've just not been a fan of what Microsoft has been doing with the xbox, so I'd rather give my money to Sony :p . The main thing I do with Madden is Franchise mode, and I don't actually play online that much, but I've heard the PS3 tends to get shafted technically. Is that the case? Will my experience be much better generally with the 360 version?

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Nope. Both versions are pretty much identical. Pick whicher console you see fit

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I'm a Sony fanboy, go Sony. I kid, I kid.

In reality it comes down to the controller that you're most comfortable with playing, and who you interact the most with in that game. Visually, it's basically a moot point. XBox nudges PS3 in some ways it, supposedly shadows things better, but during gameplay you can't notice.

Even if you only play your buddy head to head 5 or 10 times a year, there's the leaderboards of MUT, Madden Moments, and more that you can compare yourselves to. If you search and find a gaming community of like-minded players of similar skill levels, you can get a lot of good games in and avoid the lobby cheesers.

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