Still can't get the basics right.

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Less then a minute left in the 4th quarter.  I'm on offense and during a play a player on the defense gets hurt.  They charge the time out to me.  Game still has the common cheats like back sliding receivers, 'in the area' tackles.  AI players speeding up 200% to make a block.  

#2 Posted by yevinorion (747 posts) - still has rough spots. A lot of issues have been improved though, like WR and DB battles. Being able to throw receivers open with the LS is pretty sweet. I'm still getting a lot of INTs as I figure out the new passing adjustments, but there have been some improvements. Although the physics can cause some crazy stuff, it does give some added weight to the smaller plays. RB AI is really terrible though, they don't even go for the holes.

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I have to say '13 is a definite improvement gameplay wise. The new engine doesn't trap you in animations anymore. If you fucked up, YOU fucked up. And you get to make a play all the way up to the last split second rather than pre-determined coding bullshit. It still has the Madden, computer AI pulls one miracle play after another bullshit when down big in the 4th quarter but hey, that's expected.

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You should play the Vita version if you want to see some bugs. Never finished an online game as it keeps hard crashing. I do get to see the cool send an error to Sony screen. The menus of Madden are always confusing, especially franchise, but it is painful because the menus are sooooo slooooow on Vita. Still enjoying it as I love the arcadey nature of the gameplay. I don't need Madden to be real football. Just want it to be fun.

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