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Madeline Bergman is the Development Director and head of research on board the Bottle Ship in Metroid:  Other M.  Initially, the goal of the project she headed was to develop a special forces unit for the Galactic Federation based on the structure of the Space Pirates.  When the project was scrapped in favor of a military project involving Metroids, she had a humanoid body constructed to house the AI known as MB.
 Concept art of Madeline Bergman.
 Concept art of Madeline Bergman.
Over time, as MB became a part of the research team and nurtured her bond with the Metroids, Madeline began to treat her as a daughter.  As a sign of affection, she gave MB the name Melissa Bergman.  MB, in turn, became attached to Madeline and saw her as a mother figure.
However, as time passed, MB developed emotions and a greater sense of self, making it more difficult for the researchers aboard the Bottle Ship to control her.  The scientists chose to make a forced change to MB's personality, and as they began to drag her away, the android called out for Madeline to help her.  Unable to assist, Madeline could only stand by and allow MB to be taken away.
Seeing this as the ultimate act of betrayal, MB broke free of the scientists and defended herself by unleashing the creatures on board the Bottle Ship in a bid to take it over.  Knowing that she had undoubtedly become one of MB's primary targets, Madeline sent out a distress signal that was answered by Adam Malkovich and his squad as well as bounty hunter Samus Aran.  She then went into hiding within the Bottle Ship's Bioweapons Research Center.
After Samus finds Madeline and learns the whole story from her, the pair is confronted by MB.  Madeline pleads for the android to stand down, and a hint of the mother/daughter bond the pair shares resurfaces briefly within the android.  When a squad of Galactic Federation soldiers raid the ship and attempt to take Madeline into custody, MB knocks Madeline out of the way and takes the brunt of an ice beam that temporarily incapacitates her.
As the soldiers attempt to assert control, MB quickly unfreezes and then throws her own freeze gun across the floor toward Madeline before unleashing her full fury to take down the GF soldiers.  Once Samus clears an opening to MB, Madeline tells MB to stop and then freezes the android.  The GF soldiers then turn their weapons on MB and kill her.
Distraught at "Melissa's" death, Madeline is nearly taken into custody by the troops when Anthony Higgs reappears and asserts his jurisdiction over the rescue of Madeline.  He and Samus are thus able to free Madeline from the rough hands of the military and take her away in peace.
In the end, Madeline doesn't blame MB for what transpired.  What occurred aboard the Bottle Ship was ultimately her own responsibility, and thus the situation was ultimately her fault.  Though she must answer for the illegal research she was involved in, Madeline is at least allowed a safe escort off of the Bottle Ship.

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