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The Wii's first 2009 Must Have title


It's always depressing walking through the Wii section at a store. Seeing dozens of games like M & M's Fucking Kart Racing Extravaganza, and a voluminous amount of low-budget games from companies we've never herd of. For the hardcore gamer like you and I who accidentally bought a Wii, and having it sit in the dark corner of the room below your Vetrex, to the right of your Amiga collecting large amounts of dust, we don't have titles coming out on the regular bases. Yes, you can play Wii Fit, or Mario Kart but who really plays those games after a month? The monochromatic Madworld will satisfy any gamer looking for ridicules action and cheep thrills. However, the over-the-top nature of the game will alienate anyone looking the “serious” game the Wii's been lacking.

Since the Wii's obviously not capable of running a game to modern standards, the black & white stylized art style play into the system's strength's. Sharing a similar aesthetic to Sin City. The fantastic visual presentation offer the unique and stunning experience Wii owners have been yearning for.

Madworld is unmistakably old-school in its gameplay design, molding together modern conventions with the classic beat-em'-up. The game's overall focus is ridicules over-the-top action. You'll spend your time throwing signs through dude's face's, throwing your foes into giant spikes, and even tearing them in half with your retractable chainsaw! This over-the-top violence, and sometimes bat-shit crazy design choices is what makes Madworld a standout. This game-show from hell plot point (borrowing heavily from Escape to New York, and Running Man), pit you against countless enemies, never wearing thin, and is a welcomed addition to the Wii's library.

The game is gratuitously violent, and almost sexist at times. By never taking itself too seriously, it never really gets offensive. Madworld isn't a perfect game. It often feels a little stale, but that's the fault of the beat-em-up genre. You'll be floored by some of the things that await you in the game, surprised by the high-quality action, all while bring grossed out by the over-the-top gore. Aided by the surprisingly fun and intuitive motion control, Sega has released a fantastic roller-coaster ride all Wii owners should pick up.

Posted by 1337W422102

Thanks, duder, I'll check it out. (Not sound like a dick, but the word is "ridiculous.")

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