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In a world where superheroes and most of the Earth's population has been wiped by nuclear war, the Hulk, given his preexisting irradiation and endurance, survives to become the most powerful being on the planet. As time passed, the Maestro developed as a sinister, twisted personality, with the full intelligence of Bruce Banner to back his further enhanced strength, molding into a despot hated by his subjects. Many of the stories involve time traveling heroes, from Proteus, to Genis-Vell and Spider-Man, and typically involve attempting to overthrow the invincible regent.

At one point, utilizing one of Doctor Doom's time machines, the rebels pit the Maestro against the young, past Hulk. After besting him with a combined ruthlessness and knowledge of his opponent, he attempts to appeal to the young Hulk that his way of life, as ruler of Earth, is beneficial. After realizing the Hulk has been playing up his injuries and is planning to surprise attack him, the Maestro is lured to a rebel base, the final location of Doom's time machine. In a twist of fate, he is transported to the exact moment the Hulk is first born, and destroyed by this genesis. Each time the Hulk returns to this spot, however, allowed the Maestro to absorb a small portion of gamma radiation from the Hulk, allowing him to restore himself slowly.

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