'One Careful Owner' Car Choice?

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This is a question that doesn't really have a right or wrong answer. It's just one of those questions I'd like to see the community answer to. For the achievement / trophy 'One Careful Owner' (drive 50 miles in the one car), what car did you use? I personally used the Walker Rocket, upgraded to Level 3 (upgrade is only available in Jimmy's Vendetta). It's a very, very fast car, topping out at 136mph. Alongside the Roller GL300 it's one of the fastest cars I can think of in the game, and it's really easy to rack up the miles in. I just kept driving my Walker Rocket over any other car sitting around Empire Bay. Previously, the car I had with the highest milage was the Jefferson Provincial you steal near the start of the base game.  
Oh, and a friendly tip: if you're looking to clock the miles up easily, scream up and down the bridge between the residential area and the heart of the city. If the car is fast enough it'll take about 30 seconds to travel from one end to the other, and the bridge is about 1.2 miles long, roughly. If you use the horn as well, people will pull out of your way. In other words, drive down the middle and stand on the horn when someone threatens your speed-run. It's also a good way of getting the achievement 'Pedal to the Metal' (reach 125mph). 

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I just stuck with the Jefferson Provincialand got the trophy while playing through the story. It is a good car, especially once it is fully upgraded.

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