"Pay Bruno back" bug

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Not sure if anyone else has encountered this rare gem, but towards the end of chapter 14...
after Vitto and Joe fight their way out of the construction site, and right after you drop Joe off at the doc's place, the objective is to return $55,000 to Bruno, however I'm usually a couple hundred short at this point so the game informs me to either rob stores or to crush cars at Bruski's for some extra scratch. Well after I gather the appropriate amount and head to Bruno's, there's no cue furthering the story along. I'm literally standing in the exact spot of the objective waypoint (in the back alley) and can find no possible solution, and I can't interact with any of the doors either. 
Once again, my objective reads "Pay Back bruno," and I have a little over $55,000, and I'm standing right on the objective. Is this one of the game crippling bugs I've been hearing about? Thanks.

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I've encountered the same bug and apparently it's caused by robbing stores during the chapter. So if you robbed any stores to get the money for Bruno you'll get an infinite loading screen after the cutscene with you giving the money to Bruno. To avoid this bug you just have to restart the chapter and not rob any stores for the money (best way is to bring cars to the crusher for 400$ per car crushed).

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