What Would You Have Added To Mafia II?

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Verily, there has been a great deal of consternation regarding Mafia II's feature set: Many people maligned the lack of "side missions", fast travel, and other such "sandbox" staples. My question to the board is: What feature(s) would you have added to make Mafia II Game Of The Year material? This is not a question of what you did not like; instead, it is a question of what you thought was missing.

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I would have simply added the ability to warp home, rather than having to drive back after every mission. Some of them end with just a fade-to-black, and I wish all of them did/could. 
Otherwise I liked it. I dunno, I would have added more polished shooter mechanics? It wasn't what I went to the game for, but it would have been nice.

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A better story and characters.

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@Ineedaname said:
" A better story and characters. "
So, did you feel the entire story was a wash: Or did you just want more depth and originality?
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@bwmcmaste said:
" @Ineedaname said:
" A better story and characters. "
So, did you feel the entire story was a wash: Or did you just want more depth and originality? "
A combination of all of that.
I felt all the characters were flat, and they all had their role, and if you were making a Mafia film you'd probably end up with the same things.
The whole family aspect seemed to attempt to pull on heart strings, when it doesn't build it up, you get home, soemthings wrong, you go, years later, somethings wrong, you go back.
It didn't build anything up, I felt it was just jumping from one scene to the next trying to cover all aspects of that kind of thing.
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well so far i would have added free roam..to be able to just go around..and lessen the cops in that game..and to be able to restart missions from the start..and not just take you to a mid point..or a part of the mission
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Reason to play this game again. 
Free ride.

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An actual open world with something to do. I think they had opportunities to give you choices also, that would have been nice. I also think the ending wasn't really an ending, but maybe they are setting us up for DLC.  
I was also hoping that after finishing the story I could just drive around the city like a free ride mode.
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some side stories.. more development with that hooker you see alot at joes.. more development with Vitos family / sister. 
hopefuly they will do DLC that adds to the story .. Vitos story.. I'm not realy interested in playing so guy named Jimmy...
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I'm in general agreement with those who favour extending the story. The game seemed to rush through its plot so quickly, that it was hard to become attached to the characters (ostensibly, the reason why they chose the linear model in the first place).

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Free ride EXTREME like the original game.

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A game.

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Or more specifically, just extra missions that aren't stapled to the main storyline. Optional ''whack'' assignments maybe. Even some odd side activities given by the police to keep you in their favour would be pretty sweet, too. It's a serious Mafiosa like atmosphere where stuff like optional pizza delivery and vigilante missions wouldn't make sense...but comon you are a Mafia man here! There's plenty that should of been available. The Godfather game, ignoring the extortion side missions, still had plenty to do that would just as much sense for Vito to get involved with.

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Slightly more originality to the story (kinda felt like I just watched Goodfellas again or something), but that's forgivable, I don't really care.  
I'd have added maybe more clothing options, an easier way to find specific cars you want (like buying the new or something), better targeting (I think I'm just used to GTA IV's and Red Dead's target locks, but they're really nice), and yes, I'd really, really love for some more stuff to do. Maybe raids on enemy gangs' warehouses, or VIP escort missions (I know escort missions are dumb, but they're not too bad when you just have to keep your car alive, insteed of drag a dumb AI around), something like that. Just a little more content. 
Changes like those would have made the difference between me having beaten the game in a short rental period, or me buying the game outright. 

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What would I add to Mafia 2? how about an actual game. 
I felt like the game itself never got going.  The whole 'shit hit the fan and now you're back to square one' thing happened far too many times for my liking.

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Stuff to do. More vehicle types. Water navigation.

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Definitely wouldn't add warp travel. Think that'd ruin the feel.
I would have liked extra missions done for each of the families, though. It could've extended the game's playtime and added to the character development.

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I liked it, but the storyline was all over the place.  They shoulda started about halfway through their storyline (the back half is way better than the first half), then extended it another ten years.  The storyline and storytelling in Mafia 1 were in a totally different league (apart from the voice acting, which was top notch in Mafia 2).  I don't think the characters were all that bad, there are just so many of them that you don't really spend enough time with any of them.  Except Joe, who I thought was very well fleshed out.
It also really needed 'shooting whilst driving', which Mafia 1 had.  It would have allowed for more missions to make use of the open-world, which the game really lacked.

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I would have wanted to take the city, characters and story of Mafia 2 and butt it together with the gameplay from The Godfather II.
The story in Godfather II was hilariously badly written but the whole "recruit a family and run an empire"-thing was fucking ace.

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Nothing, i personally thought it was a great film.

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Boobs, oh wait...

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@Falx said:
" Nothing, i personally thought it was a great film. "
I har har'd.
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@PhatSeeJay said:

" I would have wanted to take the city, characters and story of Mafia 2 and butt it together with the gameplay from The Godfather II. The story in Godfather II was hilariously badly written but the whole "recruit a family and run an empire"-thing was fucking ace. "

I absolutely concur with this statement: Especially when you consider how liberally 2K "borrowed" from The Godfather. To put a finer point on your statement: I believe that the Godfather games were -ironically- devoid of main gameplay and story, but copiously rich in ancillary content. 
Incidentally: I'm a tremendous fan of all the old mobster movies (The Godfathers I, II, and III; Goodfellas; The Untouchables; Casino; et al), and I could hardly resist laughing at some of the material in Mafia II. For instance: There was the sequence regarding Vito's sister being beaten by her boyfriend, and I was immediately reminded of a related scene in The Godfather (Vito even quotes the line directly, "You touch my sister again, and I'll kill you"). I also have a great affinity for the period music of M2.
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Call me crazy, but playing through Mafia II just makes me nostalgic for The Saboteur. Yeah, that game was broken in a lot of ways, but I felt I had a lot more fun playing it. I wish The Saboteur could have had the core gameplay and side missions of Saints Row 2.
I'm OK with Mafia II being such a quick, narrow ride. Sometimes I think the open world games can get a little too open. Wasn't a huge fan of RDR for example. Infamous seems to have hit the perfect balance.

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Side missions, a less-clichéd story, decent shooting and driving mechanics...

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A public transport system!   Play it with a steering wheel using the 360 controller emulator thing.  You'll find it 78% more enjoyable.  I guarantee it!

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I had an obsession with sandbox games for a long time. Mafia II might as well not have been a sandbox; nothing would've been lost if it was turned into a linear shooter.

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Only played the demo but I watched the QL and some reviews, so I'm gonna go with these:
- Fun
- Quality
- Content

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@Grissefar said:
" Only played the demo but I watched the QL and some reviews, so I'm gonna go with these: - Fun - Quality - Content "  
 Why do you say quality? I'm curious to know where you think they could have improved the "quality" of the game.
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I would have made it truly an open world game.  It was to an extent, but not really.

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more guns.

more gunfight

more openworld.

more sidequest

longer main story

remove the speeding feature, its annoying police car always chasing after me, even i speed alittle.

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