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Jim'll Fix It - Jimmy's Vendetta Review

Before starting I'd like to point out to my Mafia 2 review. I really liked the game and gave it full score. Majority of the reviews have complained about lack of things to do in the game and wrongly described the game as open-world sandbox game. Well those cries have been answered with this DLC. Jimmy's Vendetta came out only two weeks later than the main game, which is nice for us who really liked the game, but same time indicates that some of this game if not most of it could have been included in the main game.

Biggest difference from the main game here is lack of story. Sure Jimmy has a tale to be told but this is nowhere near in same proportions as Vito's story. The fine cut-scenes are non-existent. In fact besides the start and the end there are no cut-scenes. Story is only told by single windows of text, if that can be even called a story. Not a single relation to the main story as far as I noticed.

The missions are shown with huge hovering icons that can be activated when standing next to one. The mission is are split into three categories. Shooting, driving and combination of these two. Purpose of the driving mission is simply to steal a particular car. Unfortunately this has been dumbed down in form of the required car to be stolen is already highlighted. For previous such
mission in GTA games which always have been my personal favorite the fun factor has been actually to find the one car.

 Jimmy is one ugly and mean git

The two other type of missions are very similar . Drive to one place, whack some wiseguys and move on. Sure there is variety here but these feel just some random missions from any sandbox game. Also if you thought that lack of save points was frustrating in the main game, check this game. There are no save points within a mission, besides start that is.

Each of the mission is scored in a leaderboard list and all of these can be re-done for better score/medal. Missions are also time limited, but the time is reasonable generous. A combo feature has been added which just chains the action scenes for more points. Challenging set of achievements such driving 10000 miles or killing 1000 dudes have been added. Unfortunately the main games Wanted Posters are not in the game for some reason. Also the junkyard guy Bruno still has no missions to offer? Mission progression is also broken into such way that each of the 3 (2 in some places) missions needs to be done before next tier is unlocked.

Trying to write something positive here as well. The spawn rate of the high-end cars has been raised. And driving around with these and the old cars is still as fun it was on the main game. This probably isn't for everyone's taste still. Other additions are a extra tuning slot and added decal, such as flame detail or racing decal. These carry over to main game as well. Jimmy can use all 4 of Vito's homes from the main game, even the burned out one. This is never explained in the story. One nice addition here is that garage space has been increased to 30.
 Wrong Jimmy

To summarize. This is rather disappointing release. Not bad by any standards. Sure this a reason to go back to Empire Bay. But not for the same game. Mafia 2 got criticized in lack of content this sure has it. Finished the "story" in 8 hour. The main problem with this release is that is no consistent with the main game at all. No Wanted posters no relations to any of the main games characters. Might as well been in completely different city if not even game.

For anyone got as immersed as I did to Empire Bay this is still worthwhile purchases as long as you don't expect a brand new chapter out of this.
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