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    Mafia LIVE! by Aftershock Innovations is a game where you are the Don of your own Mafia Family. The game has 4 tabs on the bottom. One tab for My Hood (Bank, Healing, Buying Equipment), Jobs (Best way to get money but uses energy), Fight (Fight other players families for cash and exp) and Recruit (Let people join your family from your contacts).

My Hood

    My Hood lets you heal yourself from battle by paying money, buy equipment from fights and also jobs that require them, buy real estate to get money every 50-60 minutes, see the godfather and redeem points, invite people to your family and see you fight log. This is the homepage when you boot the game up.


    Jobs is the best way to recive money in the game. Most jobs besides shoplifting require that you buy equipment like bats, cars, guns and also protection. Jobs require energy that restores one point every few minutes. Jobs also let you get experience to gain levels and also more abilities.

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