Clan Leaders Wanted! Apply within!

#1 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -

ArrowPointingDown Clan Leaders Wanted

I am Looking for people to lead in all of my GB clans 
I will have three Clans up and running once I get the game on the 11th  1 for each Faction 


A Mic 
Being a Good Leader 
No losing your Cool  
Being able to start and co-ordinate matches 
#2 Posted by Lowkey20 (26 posts) -

You do know that you can only join one faction per account. You can only change factions once you reach Level 60.

#3 Posted by Devil240Z (3458 posts) -
@Lowkey20: thats why three different clan leaders are needed. and this way GB people aren't locked down to any one faction.
#4 Edited by ReaperOfLiving (491 posts) -

 If you mean people on different fractions creating a clan in GB's name then I would be willing to but I am a member of S.V.E.R now...   
I'm a great leader and am almost OIC status.

#5 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -
No I will create the clans and then abdicate to others, it will all become clear on the 11th, and there is already the S.V.E.R Clan, I will chose Raven, 
And you would be good, I have a few ideas that I am kicking around in my head.
#6 Posted by Zaffa (28 posts) -

Damn, I don't have a mic. :/ That may be fixed soon though.

#7 Posted by EnemaEms (162 posts) -

I'm down for being a Squad Leader right now. I am only Level 21 or 22. Being a Clan leader is a bit too much for me. :)

#8 Posted by Zaffa (28 posts) -

I have a Mic now. I'd be more than willing to serve as an SL (not qualified for PL yet)

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